Born in December 23rd of 1990 in the sunny city of Perth – the famous capital of Western Australia; model and social media ambassador Chloe Peta Poliwka is an inspiration to all women who aspire to have a gorgeous beach body. Thanks to social media now a days, people find it easy to advertise and promote worldwide. Having over 260 thousand followers in Instagram (@pegasusunicorn), Chloe continues to share not only amazing photos of her life experience but also photos of her own self as she models for various brand names.

Chloe is mostly known for being a bikini model. Her smooth curves emphasize her hard worked body puts her to where she is now. When asked what her secret to having a good body was, she said that healthy eating is important to her. She says regular exercise, natural genetics, and fast metabolism are large factors of why she looks the way she does. Balance is the key, she says, since she admits that she sometimes eats chips and other “not-so-healthy” snacks. At the same time, Chloe makes a firm stand that she does not have any eating disorders nor does she support them in any way. Indeed, we can definitely say that she is a natural beauty!

She considers maintaining her Instagram account a full-time job since a lot of people look at her posts from time to time. Chloe says that people do not get scared off by the sponsored posts, because they are actually eager to know what she is wearing or what she uses to stay in shape. It’s a win-win situation for the company brands as well as for her fans.

“Why do people follow me? I guess it’s because I’m just a normal girl doing normal, everyday things.”  – Chloe

Despite considering herself as a normal girl doing normal things, people around her would say the total opposite. She has a body that girls would feel envious about. She receives a lot of designer clothes for free since she has modeled for various brands. She not only endorsed bikinis but also sports bras, tanning lotion, vodka and even vitamins.

“I feel a sense of duty to only promote products that I would personally use. It isn’t a question of selling out… I’m all about inspiring people to have a healthy and active lifestyle, People come in all shapes and sizes, I just happen to be at the leaner end of the spectrum. That said, I’m still vigilant with my diet and diligent with my exercise regime. Like everyone else I try to do the best with what I’ve got. My focus is ‘fitspo’ rather than ‘thinspo’, as everyone is built differently but everyone can be fit and active.”

Aside from sports bras and bikinis, Chloe also promotes J’Aton Couture – a Melbourne based couture house established by Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino in 1995.  The line’s aesthetics is based on accentuating a woman’s curves with gorgeous embellishments, intricate detail and frothy tulle. With this, we are able to see not only Chloe’s outgoing beach look but we are also able to see her carrying an elegant personality.