I’m all about creativity, sense of humor, and passion for the arts and what I do! I love working with people who feel the same.” – Gwendolyn Carole

In our day and age, everything seems stressful! Most people are busy running their own rat race.

However, we all need a break! We need something to silence our busy minds and balance our lives. We need to relax and entertain ourselves once in a while in order to let go of the “serious”. This is where Gwendolyn Carole comes into the picture – to entertain and make people happy!

Gwen Carole is an actor, singer, dancer, and overall fun loving person. She is 5’9”, blonde, and has tantalizing eyes. She’s actually a professional dancer as she completed her BFA in Dance. She is well trained in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, and Modern dances. She also graduated from the University of Arizona.

She works with her friend Cara. They’re a comedy duo that’s called “Pretty on Pitch”. They dance, sing, and create parodies and mash-ups with their golden mic. Actually they post lots of photo on their Instagram @prettyonpitch.

You can see various videos of them just being totally ridiculous (just as most friends are).

Check some of their videos by clicking  here.




Gwen also has her own YouTube channel. Although not popular, it contains four videos, including a comedy reel, a short, and two song covers that she did. Even though these are posted so long ago, it shows some humble beginnings for this singer, actor, and dancer.

You can visit her youtube channel by clicking here.

You can learn more about Gwen in her website at gwencarole.com. Here, she shares some video clips, photos, her resume, and even her contact information.

Her website paints a thousand words about who she is as she shares some of her entertaining songs and impressive demos.

Gwen is certainly a very passionate and ingenious artist. She is skilled and talented with so many thing such as Video Games, Dance Choreography, Dialects (New York, Australian, British, Southern, Russian), Mezzo-Soprano, Yoga (Bikram, Vinyasa), Rollerskating/Blading, Piano, Guitar, Dog Whispering, Painting and Drawing, Handgun Training, Pogo Stick, and Weight Lifting. She also bakes a mean oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.

She has performed the US national anthem for U of MMA: Fight Night 8.She attended the stage reading of Tom Hank the musical on Acme comedy club. She’s also acted in a few videos such as The Door, Tasteless, and Santa’s Third Wheel. She will also be appearing on Knights of the dead as a character named Kristen.

For someone who has remarkable skills, talent and drive, Gwen also landed some modelling jobs. She has had multiple photo shoots, which you can see on modelmayhem.com or in her website. She has worked with multiple photographers such as Sara Fletcher, Zachary Stertz, Rex Lott, and many more. In her shots you can observe that she has an almost symmetrical face which makes her so beautiful, with her award-winning eyes. She also gives off an innocent aura, due to her glowing smile.

She is overall a very talented underrated woman, who can easily entertain you, whether you want to see dancing, singing, acting or just a pretty face. You can find it all, by following her on Instagram @gwendolynstagram, or you can email her on gwendolyncarole@gmail.com.