Canadian model, Pamela Bernier was born in the province of Quebec (known as “la belle province”) – a predominantly French-speaking place. This French accented woman has captured the hearts of a lot of people because of her pleasing personality that goes together with her sweet and pretty face. Eyes of blue and a height of 5’9”, she continues to make a name in the fashion and modeling industry.

Her passion for modeling is incomparable because at a young age, she was able to portray mature characters making her loved by a dozen of photographers and photo directors.

Pamela is associated with various agencies in different countries such as the Sutherland Models in Toronto, Louisa Models in Munich, The Society Management in New York, Elite Milan in Milan, Premier Model Management in London and View Management in Barcelona.  She is also one of the brand ambassadors of Annabelle Cosmetics as well as New York Fashion Brand Kate Spade – a New York Fashion brand that is in close competition with Michael Kors and Coach.

She has also been featured in different fashion magazines like Elle Canada, where she was part of a photoshoot that had a theme of using skin colored people as props to the photos. Pamela evidently enjoyed the shoot as her photos exhibited smiles along with the skin colored women; portraying spark, flavor and especially, culture. She has also been featured in Fashion Magazine and a lot more.

Before her modeling career, she considered herself as a tomboy. She said her style changed since she started to be a model because she would notice herself wearing heels and skirts on a casual day. She says that she loves to play a character that is why during her photoshoot with Elle Canada, she modeled, taking the character of an Imperialist.


When asked by Annabelle Cosmetics of what her beauty routine was, she said that in having a beautiful face and skin, just constantly do the basic things. She washes her face occasionally, especially when she has had too much make up in a day. She says that it is proper to wash your face with cold water in the morning so that it tightens the pores. She drinks water regularly and lastly, she sees to it that she has at least eight hours of sleep. Among all beauty products, her three most favorite is her lipstick and moisturizer which she says are important for any kind of day. Wipes are also needed to wipe her face during a tiring day of continuous change of makeup.

She hasn’t found a style icon because she takes pieces of ideas from a lot of different people, thereby, creating her own. Pamela claims to have a shoe fetish that is why she always buys shoes and when it comes to food, she simply loves cheesecakes and says that she almost cannot live without them. She also said that she loves to listen to old school rock such as Beatles and Nirvana.

In order to see more pictures of her, Pamela’s Instagram is @pamelabernier.

Here are some of her great photos grabbed in her account.