Everyone was excited about the MTV VMAs events and now everyone is discussing the best and worst looks, the best or worst outfit ideas and so on. This time we’ll refer to the latest beauty looks from red carpet. While the number of participants is really impressive, we’ll take a look at some of the best looks to find our ultimate inspiration for the coming season.

Kylie Jenner

Leaving alone her outfit we’ll start from the makeup and hairstyle. Kylie has gone for a new blonde shade, which is ideally matched with modest matte makeup. Keeping her lips natural-looking, she has given more attention to her eyes and eyebrows. It goes without saying that the sleek side parted updo hairstyle brings out her face shape and facial features making her more beautiful. As for the chosen white outfit, we can say that it’s truly elegant and classy.

Madison Beer

We have seen a dramatic cat-eye makeup idea on Madison Beer at the MTV VMAs 2018. She has worn it with another natural-looking and trendy lip color to draw more attention on her eyes. This makeup goes well with her long layered hairstyle, which is freshly highlighted with caramel-like highlights on the front part. Her white outfit that carries a kind of retro touch makes her stand out in the crowd.

Sabrina Carpenter

Soft, cute and feminine; this was Sabrina’s latest concept. Her lovely hairstyle, light makeup and sophisticated dress was perfectly matched for an ethereal image. This lady has gone for a loose and messy top knot, which shows off the contrast between dark roots and blonde tips. Her glossy peach eyeshadow brightens up both her makeup and entire look.

Cardi B

The list would really be incomplete without Cardi B. her look was one of the most impressive ones at the evening. She was rocking a totally new style and look. Her bright velvet violet dress was combined with dark black pixie hairstyle and bold eye makeup. It seems as if everyone is going mad about natural-looking lips and Cardi B is one of the celebrities who have given preference to it for their latest looks.

Jasmine Sanders

We have already discussed Jasmine Sanders glossy silver dress at the MTV VMAs 2018 we can’t leave alone her makeup and hairstyle. Here she is with a cool top knot and unique makeup trend. Her look is truly ideal for fall prom nights. She has gone for exquisite glossy silver eyeshadow, which suits her eye hue and skin tone. It is finished with blackberry matte lip that adds a pop of color, brightness and the breathe of the colorful fall.

King Princess

And in case you are looking for something more creative, eye-catching and unique, here is King Princess with her retro style yet super modern makeup idea. Her casual denim outfit, natural curly hairstyle and carefree look was accompanied by neon orange eyeshadows and glossy pink liquid lipstick, which keeps her lips luscious and natural-looking.