Dana Trixie Flynn came from a different time. A time where music was different, dancing was different, and also people were different.

She describes her past as one filled with parties and dancing, originally from San Francisco, with her parents very much into music and dancing themselves.

When she encountered yoga, she was already into aerobics, and other physical activities such as hip hop dancing, and biking. “During my early years of practicing yoga, it felt like my yoga was one practice and my love for dancing another. They were separate. It took years of showing up in my personal practice for me to begin to listen and trust and follow my passion so that I could integrate all my loves: movement, music, the flow of the breath, and a spiritual purpose. For me this became the true union and reunion of all the things I love.” she said on mindbodygreen.

She has had many incredible teachers such as Sharon Gannon, Erich Schiffman, and Angela Farmer. Another teacher and friend of Dana’s did more than just teacher her. Together they co-founded the Laughing Lotus Yoga center which is centered mainly in Brooklyn and San Francisco.

Dana recognizes how things have evolved through time, including yoga. “When yoga first began, the yogis didn’t have books to study from. They somehow understood that the body retrieves the soul, that stretching is a way to enter new places and see in different ways. The practice is for us modern yogis is to evolve and use the asanas as a doorway into our super consciousness.”

She also describes Vinyasa, which is a set of yoga poses that are coordinated through breathing, as a way to move closer to God and to who she really is. “It’s a part of my continuous evolution” she explains.

Although it took years of personal practice, she found a way to incorporate all the things she loves into yoga.  She describes it as the true union and reunion of all the things she loves, which has helped further her journey of finding herself.

Among other things, she likes arugula (an edible annual plant which is also known as “salad rocket”), rebels, music, dance, poets, tulips, the ocean, biking, and glitter. She has also studied at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

She is not limited to yoga as she has also been a stockbroker,  MTV personality, and a restauranteur as she opened a place called Trixies, which was known for its wild celebration and spirit which also hosted wacky musical number from all around. They were also featured on talk shows and news shows such as the Today Show, Good Morning America and Regis.

Dana has spent many years finding herself, adapting the new age and new practices that emerge in today’s society. She currently works as a yoga instructor on www.yogaanytime.com, where you can see some videos that will take you on a journey and bring you closer to the divine. She is also maintains her title as the co-founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga continually inspiring yogis everywhere.