The first things that you’ll notice about Yesenia Cantu are her eyes. She has a smoldering gaze that speaks to you and draws you in. Then you will notice her angelic face that lights up when she smiles. Her beautiful facial features perfectly complements her vivacious body — one that a million girls will die for.

But there is more to Yesenia than what meets the eye. While the modeling world places much importance on the looks, being an Instagram model requires heaps of personality that makes someone an engaging online and social media personality. Yesenia Cantu has that, too.

This 18-year-old from Texas has the complete package that makes her a great pick for brands that want to boost their image online. With her outstanding looks and her bubbly and outgoing personality, this young lady is all out to take the modeling world by storm.

When asked about her preferred modeling projects, Yesenia identified the fields of dining, cosmetics, health, travel, and fitness! She surely dreams of working with her favorite clothing and cosmetic brands: Chanel, Dior, Modcloth, Topshop, Forever 21, MAC, Too Faces, Olay, and Morphe, to name a few.

At present, Yesenia Cantu divides her days between attending classes and dancing. This full-time student places importance on getting an education, but her ultimate dream is to be a model. When she has the time, she also tries her hand on singing and doing sports. Without a doubt, this young lady has a varied range of interests that make her a great spokesmodel for brands that share the same vision as hers.

“I love to try new things all the time. I love to share great things with friends, family, and even strangers.” – Yezenia Cantu

With her outgoing personality, it should not come as a surprise that Yesenia is a very personable person. She also has a character that draws people in and keeps them engage. This effect is true for people that she interacts with in the real world and with those who follow her online.

“I am super girly when it comes to fashion & makeup, I am obsessed with working out and eating delicious foods. I am very easy to get along with and I make many friend no matter where I go!” – Yesenia Cantu

To know more about Yesenia, visit her IGModelSearch profile and check out her Instagram account!