He is from Edmontor, Alberta. He is 23 years of age. He is the CEO of his company Legacy. He is none other than the hot and charming prince Cohen Chorabik. He has grown his Instagram to around 18k followers. His Instagram profile theme is Business; Trading. He is a network marketer that owns his own forex trading group. He has been in the industry for over a year now full time now. He graduated school as a Geomatics Engineering Technologist but he has had a large interest in networking and trading, which led him to quit his job and focus on branding himself full time now.

His main interest in networking/marketing. He loves helping people to reach their passions in life. He has helped a lot of people financially with the markets which is his ultimate passion in life. This personality will help him in future. He strongly believes in giving back to the ones that truly want success in their life, and is glad that he has a good following that gains value from his account.

“Everyone wants to be financially free, but the truth is.. Most people aren’t willing to put in the work.”- Cohen Chorabik.

He is also into fitness – physically and mentally. He has been working out for over 7 years now. He jogs almost every morning, as He likes to stay in shape. He makes it to the gym 3-4 times a week. He truly enjoys the challenges that working out brings. He likes to make physical goals that seem farfetched such as bench pressing 300 pounds (When he started working out, he could barely bench press 100 lbs). Reaching these goals helps him to realize what true potential we all have as human beings.


He also reads a lot of self-development books, as they keep him focused and help shape the person he wants to become. He generally reads 20 minutes upon waking up and going to bed every day. He is a large fan of audiobooks as well. Most of his playlist on his phone consists of audiobooks rather than music. It helps him stay focused and not get distracted from outside sources. He likes to wear Gucci, Zanerobe, Luis Vuitton, Lacoste- brands of clothing.

As far as brands he wants to promote, he would prefer if it was business related. He has done shout outs before for health products, but he doesn’t want to stray away from his profile theme. Online businesses, stocks/forex, funnels for sites etc would all be examples that he would be willing to advertise.

For more info visit Instagram @ CohenChorabik , website Build In Legacy, face-book page Cohen Chorabik.