Mimi Elashiry is a modeling powerhouse who doesn’t take no for an answer. NEXT Models and Kult Australia represent the free-spirited, LA-based model, but her career didn’t come easy to her. She had to work for it.

When Mimi’s career first gained traction, she was building a loyal fan-base on Instagram. Back in 2013, the eighteen year old was rejected by four top, mainstream agencies for being too short at 5’6”.

An article in The Daily Telegraph notes the controversy that has clouded Mimi’s climb to the top by discussing how height has almost sabotaged a serious career. Alex Perry, a judge for Australia’s Next Top Model scoffed at Mimi being signed to Next Models LA, saying that if she were serious about fashion, she would be signed in New York.

Unfortunately, many agents in the industry agree with him, which was made clear from the start of Mimi’s career when she was frequently approached by talent scouts at the beach who would dismiss her once they realized how short she was. Mimi says that this discouraging reaction was “heart-breaking for [her] at the time,” but it only made her more determined to prove them wrong.

Now twenty-years-old, Mimi Elashiry has been a breakthrough success and fronted clothing labels such as Elliot, Free People, Diesel Jeans and Glue Store and toured the world, hopping music festivals with MTV Australia. She even scored the cover of Maxim magazine.

One of Mimi’s biggest endeavors is her swim line, Cheeky Swim by Mimi Elashiry. The exclusive swimwear line launched in late 2015 and is only available at Glue Store. The popular Australian clothing company paired up with the Instagram model and social media superstar to create a 16-piece swimwear range. The collection features three prints that represent various aspects of Mimi’s own personal style evolution. The line has a modern boho feel with earthy patterns and ladylike frills that show Mimi’s free, fun and flirty persona.

Mimi lives an all-natural, healthy lifestyle. In an interview with Popsugar, the model stated that, “hands down, the most important things about beauty is feeling beautiful on the inside.” She lives an active lifestyle full of dancing, yoga, and travelling around the globe and rarely ever wears makeup in her day-to-day adventures. Her personal style is practical, comfortable, and beautifully simple.

Her Instagram definitely echoes her personal philosophy with a super natural photography style that doesn’t include a lot of posing. The sun-kissed, beachy Aussie’s profile is filled with photos of her and her friends on day trips, posing against fun backgrounds at the beach or hanging out around town.

Her new swimline is just one of this down-to-earth brunette is more than just a pretty face, she’s a multi-talented powerhouse. Trained in classical ballet, she received a full scholarship at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York in 2012 and scored a 97% in the HSC.

Mimi is also interested in photography and has said that she enjoys being behind the camera as well as in front of it. She is a down-to-earth woman with a sense of wanderlust who loves any opportunity for an adventure. Currently, Mimi has over 800,000 Instagram followers and is definitely no longer an underdog in the fashion world.