For many of us, Sunday is the perfect day for relaxing, sleep longer and spend our day in pajamas. It’s a real pleasure not to do anything on Sunday, but we are all aware of the fact that day after comes Monday. Moreover, Mondays can be quite depressing. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are things to do on Sunday for a better week start, and I gathered them around for you. With these things prepared, you will come back from Monday work feeling much more refreshed and ready for the rest of the week ahead. 

Make To-Do List

Even though making to-do lists is something that everyone will recommend to you, it is also of the most proven ways to make your life organized. From grocery stores to birth dates and bills payment days – you can put everything that you think is important on your to-do list. Write it on Sunday for better Monday organization and whole upcoming week appointments.


Buy Your Groceries

This situation is probably known to some of us – you wake up on a Monday morning just to find out that your refrigerator is empty. You didn’t do your grocery shopping. Then you start feeling annoyed. You realize you need to spend extra money, and time buying breakfast on your way to work. Let the grocery shopping be one of the things to do on Sunday for a better week start.

Declutter Things around You

Decluttering can be a pretty calming process. If your bag is full of last week bills, some unnecessary things like papers, stickers and other stuff – clean it and prepare it for a Monday morning.


Clear Out Your Inbox

When we are talking about decluttering, you can also try this – clear out your inbox, your phone, your laptop, everything that you will use next week, and what can easily start bugging because it is too-occupied.


Do Your Laundry

Let Sunday be your laundry day. By doing this, you can plan all your outfits in advance, without even thinking about stains or wrinkled clothes.

Prepare Meals in Advance

Even if you have done your Sunday grocery shopping, it won’t help too much if you don’t have enough time through the week to prepare meals. However, there are some meals that you can cook on Sunday evenings, that can last for a few days. Think – oats meals, banana bread, granola, breakfast jars, etc.


Spend Time Outside

There is nothing better than spending Sunday morning or afternoon outside – a hike, training in nature or just a casual walk around the city blocks. All of these can help you if you are feeling stressed about the upcoming working week.

Sleep Well

You should give yourself some extra time in bed to be fully prepared for Monday morning. And while you want to prolong Sunday little bit more, you shouldn’t stay late and do some unnecessary stuff. Instead of that, tuck yourself in, read some book and go to sleep.


What about you? What are the things to do on Sunday for a better week start according to you?