When it comes to the field of fashion, there seems to be a cycle of trends coming back after their time in the spotlight. It is not uncommon for styles to make huge comebacks in better and updated forms!

If you have always been fashion savvy, then there is no doubt that you have noticed how some trends have regained their following this year. If you want to add a sense of nostalgia to your Instagram feed, then you should definitely consider using these fashionable styles for your next Throwback Thursday posts!

Cropped Tops

This year, skin is definitely in. More and more people chose to bare their flat abs with updated cropped tops look that now range from fun designs to slightly more elegant two-piece combos. A simple look through this year’s Coachella photos is all that you need to confirm that this style is back and swinging!

If you think that people’s interest in cropped styles is slowly waning, then you have another think coming. Since it’s summertime and since the season has taken a hotter turn, you can expect more and more femmes to adopt this trend.

Mini Skirts

It was not too long ago when the world went all out with long and flowy maxi skirts that cover the body from the waist down. And now, taking a full fashionable turn, we are going back to wearing more miniskirts that are much like the styles that took the 90s by storm. Much like other trends that made a comeback, the 2017 version has a more updated style and a slicker silhouette. Unlike the denim miniskirts that fashion icons used to wear, that pieces that are available in today’s top stores are made out of lusher and more workable materials and fabrics.

Tiny Bags

During the past few years, people have grown accustomed to lugging around oversized totes, even if they are just going to the restaurant around the corner. As a matter of fact, big bags and purses have become staple pieces even in the most well-planned wardrobes. However, 2017 is slowly saying good bye to these big accessories in favor of super small bags. After all, we live in a world where all that you need to bring outside is your mobile phone! Bags are shrinking in size, with most celebrities favoring sleek wristlets over designer handbags.

Temporary Tattoos

It’s not every day that people choose to wear temporary tattoos, since this kind of fashion accessories are usually reserved for big events and music festivals. However, there Is no denying the fact that more and more models and influencers have grown fond of temporary tats! How does this year differ from temporary tattoos’ former heyday? Well, today’s stick-on tattoos tend to be on the more metallic side. Unlike the former styles that look very much like the real things, today’s versions are used to add a certain touch of whimsy to an outfit.