While animal and floral prints are the most popular in fashion, there is another trendy print idea for the coming year. Tie-dye is the next gorgeous style of designing casual and prom outfits. The best thing about this fashion trend is that it gives you matching opportunities when it comes to color and accessory choice. It’s easier to find suitable accessories when colors are just a few and especially when they come with some contrasts. Let’s see what’s new in the world of tie-dye prints for 2019.

Tie-Dye Print for Jumpsuits

There is no need to highlight the fact that monotone jumpsuits look like pajamas. Of course, there are cool jumpsuit ideas in monotone shades that look very elegant and classic but the majority of this piece of clothing is printed. If you already own several pieces of animal and floral printed jumpsuits, then it’s the high time to choose a tie-dye printed version of this trendy outfit.

Tie-Dye Dresses

As for dresses, they look subtler in this style. Tie-dye is an amazing option of prints that add a pop of color to dull outfits. You can find a variety of creative print styles for dresses that draw attention thanks to their tenderness. From the brightest shades of rainbow to the lightest pastel tones, there are all available designs of tie-dye prints on dresses. These dresses are perfect for spring and summer and they go well with beach accessories too.

Tie-Dye Pants

The most interesting design solutions of tie-dye prints are seen on pants. Many fashion houses represent this style with modern ways and styles because they take us back to our teenage years, when we used to wear tie-dye holiday pants at school. They look so comfy and fascinating at the same time. You can match them with a number of casual accessories according to the colors and print styles.

Tie-Dye Cotton T-shirts

Are you a big fan of printed T-shirts? Discover the world of cotton T-shirts accompanied by tie-dye prints. They reflect the cozy street style and allow you to opt for a wide range of combinations in your dressing ideas. Women with great love towards the grunge street style often choose such T-shirts to stand out with a unique look. Now, we see it on runways represented by the majority of sportswear brands. One thing is more than attractive about tie-dye T-shirts; they are unisex. So, wear them with your sporty pants and shoes as well as feel free in your matching of accessories.

Tie-Dye Prom Outfits

The loveliest and most beautiful examples of tie-prints are seen on prom outfits. They make festive gowns so exquisite, eye-catching and luxurious.  You don’t always need glitters and embroideries for your prom outfits to look stunning. Tie-dye is here to beautify any prom outfit; be it a suit or a gown. The biggest advantage of tie-dye prom outfits is that you won’t be confused in your choice of accessories as the colors and prints will easily prompt you what you need.