There are only so many combinations that you can do using the pieces that you have in your wardrobe. Yes, this fact will make you want to go shopping, but you do not really need to! All that you need to do is to invest on the necessary accessories and use the right tips that will help you breathe life even into your most basic outfits. Here are some amazingly simple ideas that you may use to dress up the pieces that you currently have.

Wear Heels with Jeans

A pair of jeans, no matter what the color of cut, will end up looking casual and laid back. However, this does not mean that this kind of clothing should only be used on weekends when your main mission is to relax! With the right pair of heels, you will be able to add star power to even the most basic pair of jeans. Power pumps will be a great idea for the office as well, because you will be able to turn an otherwise casual piece of clothing into one that is ready for the board room.

Switch to Pointy Toe Flats

You cannot spend every day on heels, because it will wreak havoc on your back and on your legs. On days when you want to walk easier and faster, it is perfectly fine to put one a pair of flat shoes – as long as they have designs that use pointy toes. Pointy flats have a certain look and feel of fierceness that your favorite ballerina shoes will never achieve. Pair these flats with a nice blazer and you are ready to take the world by storm!

Stick to Structured Handbags

The kind of bag that someone uses says a lot about his or her personality and style philosophy. Rucksacks and bohemian bags are fine, but only if you want a laid-back look. If you want to amp up your usual outfits and bring your look to the next level, then it will be a wise decision for you to find a structured bag that you like and to buy one in shades that will fit your wardrobe color palette. Investing on a beautiful structured piece will change your life and your look! Do not think twice about paying more for it, because you will surely be able to get tons of value out of it.

Choose Chunky Jewellery

Big pieces of jewelry are not easy to wear but, when you use them right, there is no denying the fact that they will make heads turn. Chunky pieces, as long as they are tastefully made and used, will bring any outfit to the next level! Just make sure that you do not go overboard and wear a lot of pieces at once. Make sure that your jewelry will be one of the main focal points of your outfit and avoid piling on the look too much.