When it comes to being an online influencer, you have to do everything that you can in order to come up with the best possible content for your Instagram profile.  Viral content will work wonders in promoting you and your partner brands. Here are some ideas that you can use in order to boost your engagement and your following. Keep them in mind the next time that you launch a content on Instagram.

Master your Target Audience

It will be impossible for you to create a viral content if you do not understand what appeals to your target audience.  For your content to be shared by the people on your followers list, you first have to capture their attention and their hearts. For this reason, it is highly advised that you take the time to get to know what tickles their fancy and what will get them to share your content. There are different resources that you can use for this purpose, all of which will gear you with necessary knowledge about your audience. Once you’ve done your research, it will surely be easier for you to prepare the right kind of content.

Use the Right Social Media Platform

There are different kinds of platforms that you can use to reach out your audience. Most importantly, each of these platforms perform different functions that will boost your social media engagement.  For your content to go viral, you have to make sure that you use the right kind of platform to launch it.  Since your main platform is Instagram, you have to capitalize on visually appealing content that your audience would surely want to repost.

Time your Content

In order for your content to get the maximum amount of engagement, you have to launch them at the right time of the day.  Ideally, your posting will be at the same time as when your audience is browsing Instagram on their phones. You will need to do a certain amount of research in order to pinpoint the right timing. Once you do, however, you will start seeing great results from the content that you post. Your followers will also know when they can expect new content from you, thus making it easier for them to interact with your content.

Use a Call to Action

In order for your content to go viral, you need to include a specific call to action in your captions.  The right call to action statement will allow you to essentially tell your audience what you want them to do with your content.  Do you want them to comment?  Do you want them to double tap?  Do you want them to repost your content?  Most of the time, creating a viral content is as simple as using the caption creatively to send the right impression to your followers. Find the right words that you may use to essentially tell them about the kind of reaction that you are asking for, and you will surely see your engagement level skyrocket.