If there is one thing that people will not ever get tired of, it’s seeing photos after photos of mouthwatering food. As you build your reputation as an online ambassador, you need to play by your followers’ love for #foodporn and give them a peak of the gastronomical treats that you indulge on. Here are some tips that you may use to take better food shots that will help you attract new followers. Go through the following suggestions and use them the next time that you try out the newest restaurant in town.


It will be very tempting to simply snap a photo of your food as it sits idly on top of your table, but doing so leads to impersonal shots that will not attract new followers to your account. Keep in mind that people do not necessarily follow accounts because they post tasty dishes. The online audience is more interested in the stories behind the food shots, as opposed to the actual food themselves! With this said, you have to ensure that you add a human element to every food photo that you take. Whether it is your body part or of your eating buddy’s, your followers will surely appreciate the additional human dimension.


When you process your food shots by adding filters prior to posting them, it will be better if you use filters that add warmer hues to your photos. Filters in the colder end of the spectrum will make your photo impersonal and industrial; and you certainly do not want this kind of effect for your food photos. Warm filters make food look more appetizing and mouthwatering. Instagram has different filters that will suit this purpose and make your appetising food look a ton more drool-worthy.


When you eat out, your followers would surely want to know more about the look and overall ambience of the place. With this said, it will be great practice for you to photograph food with the restaurant as a setting. After all, there is very little story that your followers will get from a food that shows a blank table top as a backdrop. Shooting your food in the foreground and a beautiful place at the background is a great way to form your followers’ expectations of the place, as well. You can also give your followers a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scene and include a handful of food prep photos, too.


With the impressive number of followers that you have, you are bound to have groups of audiences that follow different kinds of diet. Think of it this way: there is almost no chance that vegetarians will follow your account if all that you do is post photos of steaks! Do not be afraid to mix things up a bit and photograph a wide variety of dishes that will appeal to different kinds of diets. Also, try to post food shots that will appeal to as many people as possible.