New York is famous for a lot of things; the sights, the culture, the food. However, in our opinion, the women of New York are by far one of the most important aspects of NYC. This is why we have searched high and low for the best models form New York who aren’t afraid to show a little skin not an again. Here are our Top 10 Glamour Models On Instagram From New York.



1. Britta Moraitis

Britta is an Australian model, cosplayer and avid RPG player. Currently interested in fashion photography, she has been runway modeling for a few years now. All of those are really great but she made our list because of her adorable cats! Britta simply loves her kitties and regularly uploads cute and cuddly photos of them.




2. Britt Maren

The Texas born Britt is a model, baker, avid foodie and fashionista who found her perfect match in chef husband Derek. She has a sweet sad-eyed Puggle (cross of Beagle and Pug) who loves nothing better than curing up with her for a nap. Check out the sweet pictures of him which she regularly uploads – view many more at #zeusthepuggle .




3. Brianna Cook

Personal trainer and bikini athlete Brianna enjoys showing off her fantastic physique. She also enjoys hanging out with her adorable pup she call her little pumpkin. The loveable photos she uploads of his cuddly cute face are sure to bring you back for more.




4. Yenia Oliva

Yenia has two true loves in her life – her dogs, and she just relishes taking funny candid shots with them. This model and makeup artist who is likes travelling, finds inspiration in her pets and regularly shares it on her page.  Here’s to laughing and loving with those who do so wholeheartedly!




5. Shelby Courtney

Gorgeous Shelby was born and raised in Tennessee and now lives in Miami. She is a model who dabbles in other endeavors and frequently uploads fresh new pictures of her journey. This sweet and sexy animal lover is sure to melt your hearts with the endearing photos she posts of her pets.




6. Ryan Kennedy

Handsome Ryan is from New York and is hunk whether in full suit and tie or relaxed in his jeans and t-shirt. He has a few adorable pooches that he likes to spend quality time with jogging, watching TV, or catching some zzz’s. You’ll fall head over heels for this guy and his pups.



7. Noemie Lenoir

Model and actress Noemie enjoys showing off why she has been on the pages of Sports Illustrated and worked with Victoria’s Secret.  She is purr-fectly suited to her feline companion and is actually an avid animal lover. Cuddling up together for the camera is one of their favorite pastimes.



8. Nina Daniele

Vegan model Nina likes a good workout and has the toned body to show for it. Here pets include this pair of Pit-bulls with whom she spends a lot of outdoor time. Spiritual and insightful, with a love of fashion and fitness, she shares many interesting photos of her pets with her followers.



9. Mini Anden

Family oriented Mini has a soft spot for her pet pups. She has posted a host of pictures of them romping away in various locations and sharing her zest for life. This little one is all snuggled up and safe in her loving care.



10. Mila Krasnoiarova

Mila is a fashion model who enjoys relaxing after a hard day’s work down the catwalk.  She simple adores her pet and they look forward to unwinding together with some just for us time. Check out her posts of this loveable friend and see just how great they are together.