You can never have too many California girls on your ‘must follow’ list! They seem to take the sunshine wherever they go and are sure to brighten your day. Here are 10 amazing LA beauties who inspire and captivate with their achievements, interests and style. Their Instagram diaries are overflowing with all the evidence you need to prove why we all love LA girls most of all!



1. Juliana Erno-Pearce

Juliana works in all modes of the fashion industry, from editorial, fitness and lifestyle to glamour, swimwear and lingerie. She also does promotional and runway work, giving 100% in all her assignments.  An animal lover and advocate for animal rights, her sexy Instagram page might just bring out the animal in you!



2. Colleen Shannon

Colleen is Playboy Magazine’s 50th Anniversary Playmate! She is the “The World’s Sexiest DJ”, and has worked the biggest super-clubs, venues, and events the world over. She has also made appearances in major motion pictures and on television. Magazine covers and major print modeling campaigns have also been graced by her beauty.



3. Priscilla Poblano

Costa Rican actress and singer Priscilla enjoys expression through glamour photography. She has amazing facial bone structure and symmetry giving her the look of perfection that she effortlessly achieves in her photos. Her flawless skin complements her slender and toned physique.



4. Brittany Suleiman

Brittany is a fitness jukie who is a fun loving tomboy who also happens to be a stunning model. She loves to motivate her followers to stay active, be proud of their bodies, and not be afraid to show a little skin.



5. Essena O’Neill

Blogger Essena is completely in love with her body and she is dedicated to helping other young women love their bodies too by making good lifestyle choices. She has over 500,000 followers on Instagram who join her on her daily journey through life. She is always willing to share ideas on fitness, beauty, and confidence along with her vegan recipes.



6. Britanny Ann Ryan

Co-founder of the widely popular MuseLyfe, Britanny is all about the artistry of modeling. Conveying messages to the viewer through the created scene is at the heart of her work. Always busy with another assignment – glamour photography being her favorite – she still manages to connect with her thousands of followers on Instagram.



7. Sarah Oh

Actress and model Sarah loves to let her quirky side show. Half Korean, and fluent in that language, this lover of pho looks forward to sharing her work time between Korea and the USA. She loves a good horror film and has acted in the Altergeist and the Crypt in which she played the female lead.



8. Sarah Kulma

Huntington Beach native, Sarah, is all about style and fashion. She has always liked getting all dressed up and having her picture taken. A transition into modeling was only natural, and explains why she looks so relaxed in all her photos. This animal lover keeps her followers well updated on her fashion ideas and suggestions.



9. Ashley Rogers

Ashley’s mystery-filled pale blue eyes are the focal point in most of her photos. Perhaps that’s why the camera loves her face so much. The svelte and shapely young model has been featured in magazine editorials and has so far enjoyed moderate success in the industry. She is hungry for much more, however, and is aiming for the top.



10. Jessica

Easy to work Jessica has experience in modeling, fashion shows and acting. She has done fitness, bikini, beauty, costume, catalog, and editorial shoots; walked in several shows; and has appeared in television shows, music videos and commercials. Actually, she’s into a lot of things – her 100,000 plus Instagram followers are just grateful she’s always in a hot bikini!