They have taken a good thing and made it tantalizingly better! These amazing tattooed girls are each gorgeous without the ink, but it works wonderfully to accentuate their beautiful bodies. From fascinating works in progress to elaborate works of art, they bare their ink work like trophies for you to admire.



1. Stacey Thuell

Stacey is a wild and alluring model from Australia, with top quality ink work. She enjoys dressing and posing to accentuate their beauty, with some strategically placed for maximum effect. The one on her right thigh is her favourite, but you can scroll through her posts (as often as you like) and choose your own favourite piece.



2. Kandy Maiolo

Voluptuous Kandy’s tattoos will definitely make you stop and stare in appreciation at their intricate design. They wrap around her hands, arms, and back before moving temptingly across her upper chest. Her curvy legs are not left out of the action, as they are adorned with equally interesting designs.



3. Sarah Mudle

Sarah loves heavy metal music and all things pink, and goes by the name ‘Pink Pirate’. This sexy punk rocker even has pink tones in her hair and pink is a dominant color in her tattoos.  She uses her tattoos as an expression of her personality. Her page is full of samples of her wonderful ink work displayed on her lovely curves.



4. Jessica Pridham

Petite Jessica is not your typical model, but she brings something little bit different to the table. Her winning personality, natural good looks and superb ink work have already landed her on the cover of Inked Magazine Australia. This steamy pint-sized vixen expertly rocks the pin-up girl look with her shapely curves.



5. Ellis Cooper

Ellis is such a huge fan of tattoos, that she is now an apprentice tattooer. Her own tattoos decorate her soft curves and help bring her best assets into focus. She enjoys dressing to show off her artwork, so expect quite a few scrumptious bikini shots when you visit her page.



6. Madison Skye

Madison’s tattoos are both elaborate and sophisticated – just the way this Canadian born art lover likes them. She proudly shows off her great figure and her tattoos on Instagram. She is considering getting more work done, but we bet you can’t guess on which delectable body part it’s going to be!



7. Angela Mazzanti

Angela’s radiant tattoos have the enviable job of hugging her lovely curves. They most definitely help her turn up the heat in the many tempting photos she posts on her page. She is a real ‘down-to-Earth sweetheart’ with a passion for modeling and a dream of making it big in the industry.



8. Shannon Boothby

This half Korean-half Caucasian tattooed beauty admits that each of her amazing tattoos has a meaning to her and she loves all of them. Her possible favorite, though, is her Little Red Riding Hood.  Feel free to try finding it, as you treasure hunt through her collection of racy pin-up style photos. Happy hunting!



9. Eliza Winn

Sweetly tattooed Eliza is an experienced model who has posed for FHM, Playboy and Inked Girls magazines.  Flirtatious and sexy with a love for fashion and beauty, her trademark is versatility within the industry. With a goal of changing the path for models with tattoos, she hopes to have a household brand one day.



10. Ashley Nicole Shelton

Ashley is an alternative model from Dallas and an internationally published cover girl. She got her first tattoo on her 18th birthday and says her liberty Marilyn Monroe is her favorite. She is kept busy by her numerous assignments but finds time to update her page. Her suggestive posts are sure to get your heart racing.