Are you longing for the fresh, crisp Pacific surf, or an exciting all night luau filled with hula dancing, poi and pineapple? These Hawaiian beauties on Instagram have got you covered. They take you across the islands too ride the waves and relax on the beach with more bikini pics than you probably thought was possible!



1. Yasmeen Lee

Wondering how this Maui stunner manages to look enticingly fine from head to toes? Yasmeen doesn’t keep her beauty secrets to herself – she shares them on her Instagram page and website. You’ll find great Vegan recipes and tips on how to get healthy glowing skin. And it’s all mixed in with a generous helping of bikinis!



2. Lili

Named for the exotic passion fruit, Lili is as sweet and appealing as the tropical Hawaiian fruit. She describes herself as an ‘Icelandic sea creature’, and with her flowing blonde hair and svelte figure it not hard to imagine you’ve come upon a bikini clad mermaid on a Hawaiian beach. Her over one hundred thousand followers have!



3. Amber Mozo

Amber admits that taking pictures makes her feel good – and it’s the perfect way to honor the memory of her photographer father. Her work is both stunning and imaginative, as she aptly captures the essence and personality of Hawaii. A look at her photos on Instagram might entice you to follow her – all the way to Hawaii. Aloha!



4. Keke Lindgard

Keke has the classic all-American surfer girl look – thick beachy blond hair, a light dusting of freckles, and a sun-kissed glow.  She’s walked the runway for Dior, Prada and Valentino.  This Hawaiian living in New York City has been on the cover of French Elle, and in a host of editorials in prominent magazines.



5. Madison Dorman

Fun-loving Madison seems to know all the best spots on the island to have a wonderful time. She shows you idyllic spots and hidden getaways, graced by her toned and alluring beach body. And if her pictures are anything to go by, all you need to take along are a bikini and a great attitude!



6. Angelica Recaido

Angelica, or Jel (as she prefers to be called), rose to social media fame when she chronicled her amazing 60 lbs in 6 months weight loss on Instagram. She was a huge inspiration then, and continues to be one now. Her page is filled with her wonderful smile and sweet curves taking you to scenic spots she loves in Hawaii.



7. Jaslyn Ome

Jaslyn was Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month for April 2013 issue. Since then she has enjoyed watching her social media accounts ‘explode’ and getting overwhelming business offers to work as a model. Her Instagram page lets you see her often quirky side  and why we think she is  ‘Playmate all year round’!



8. Sophie Wilson

A true Hawaiian beauty, Sophie loves the beach and surfing. She is never far from the water, or without a wonderfully fitting bikini. If it seems she has a million of these hot little items, you can check for yourself by taking a scroll down her Instagram page.



9. Tori Praver

Tori was born in San Diego and raised in Maui. She is an accomplished model and a swimwear designer for her own swimwear line – Tori Praver Swimwear.  She uses Instagram to give you a glimpse of her adorable family, and show you why she was featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.



10. Isabelle

A bikini in every shot (almost)! That’s what you and Isabelle’s growing number of followers can expect to find on her page. She is photographed beautifully framed by the Hawaiian surf, beach, rocks and dazzling blue sky. Bikini body, beach body, blonde and gloriously tanned – characterize every one of her frequent and eagerly awaited posts.