If you have a special place in your heart for blonde bombshells, then you’ll certainly want to follow these ladies on Instagram.  Of course we’ve taken other factors into consideration, such as their killer looks and amazing bodies, so that we could come up with the best list. There are a lot of Californian blondes who are active on Instagram but these babes have what is take to stand against Candice Swanepoel and Gisele Bundchen on the runway.

1. Mariah Lee Bevacqua

Well we guess it’s true that blonde girls have all the fun. Perfect figure, kissable lips, and deep brown eyes. She’s certainly not getting turned down from any clubs.

2. Dani Mathers


Dani Mathers certainly matters. We’ll just wait in line and ask her to be our valentine; she could give any non-blonde lover a change of heart.

3. Paige Alicia Tiziani

Ummm…Bacon for breakfast! Paige looks absolutely gorgeous with her sandy blonde hair. Talk about being effortlessly sexy.

4. Charlotte Mckinney

“I’m a curvier bombshell with big boobs.” That’s exactly what we were thinking. The voluptuous model was recently featured on Maxim.com as the Instagram Girl of the Week.


5.  Ela Rose

Her good looks and quirky personality only add to her attractiveness. Clearly not all roses have thorns.

6. Erin Pugliese

Erin is definitely the girl you want living next door. She’s an expert at preparing nutritious meals and as a personal trainer, we’re sure she can throw a few punches. We suggest you try her bikini booty workout so that you can try to look as amazing as this stunning blonde.

7. Amber Davis

Amber is the type of girl you’d take home to meet your mom and also flaunt in front of your friends. Great physique with the face of an angel. Perfect combination!

8. Madison Louch

This smoking blonde is from South Africa and she enjoys spending her free time going to events with friends and twerking on stage. She’s performed on songs with DJ “Borgie” and has performed at many shows and events like “Hard Day of the Dead” in LA. If you think all blondes are dumb, then you need to check out Madison.

9. Camilla Gimenez

Let’s start a petition to have our very first World Cup starring these blonde bombshells. We’re guessing her jersey number will be #1. She may not always have blonde hair but her perfect body has earned her a spot here. 

10. Claudia Fijal


Let’s keep it PG! It’s safe to say that Claudia would look just as hot as a brunette; however, her long blonde hair does go well with her brown eyes.