Nowadays many people are obsessed with Instagram. Be it models, fashion photographs, bloggers, or anyone else. Ever since Instagram was established in 2012, it became an important part of social media, along with Twitter and Facebook.

The reason why Instagram is so famous is not so hard to judge. The photo sharing platform is simple. It is full of pretty pictures. Moreover, the Instagram content is more universal that anywhere else. Plus, this is a more anonymous social media site as compared to Facebook. This is why many people are increasingly turning to Instagram over other social media platforms.

So, if you too are the one who is going crazy over Instagram, then here are the 10 don’ts that you must avoid when posting on Instagram.

  1. Do not use the pre-set filters of Instagram

You must avoid using the pre-set filters on instagram. This means that you should not use the filter that comes up first on Instagram, because everyone else will also use them first. At least, you should pick a different filter by scrolling further to the right. However, the best thing is to use your own custom-made photo filters to edit your pictures. After all, it is all about being more artful.

  1. Do not post over-cluttered pictures

You should avoid posting over-cluttered pictures on your Instagram account, such as a picture with a border, stickers, filter, washed-out filter, etc. all in one.

  1. Do not use flash

Flash photography is quite hard to get right; therefore it is best to avoid flash. Even if you use it, be careful, particularly for fashion when you want to post your best pictures. Additionally, you should steer clear of harsh indoor light too.

  1. Do not post a picture with an irregular horizon

Before you post your photos fix the horizon level, so that the picture makes more virtual sense.

  1. Do not post what others are also posting

You should not post pictures that other people are also posting. Rather, post something that shows your individuality and personality. For instance, when everyone is clicking pictures in the café, you can click your picture in a museum. After all, that’s what Instagram is all about, that is, expressing your perspective.

  1. Do not give much importance to engagement or its lack

You should not base your post decisions only on the engagement that they get. If you are really keen on something, then keep doing it. If you do not like a picture, remove it. You can also edit and refine your photos later on.

  1. Do not post crappy pictures

You do not have to be a professional photographer, but you should try to improve and take better pictures every time.

  1. Do not be spammy

You should not be spammy or fake. Be authentic and real. Just be yourself. Additionally, do not ask people to become your followers on Instagram. No one likes spammers.

  1. Do not play games

Do not play games on the social media site. For instance, people play the follow and unfollow game, in which they follow lots of people and then occasionally go through and unfollow all those who do not follow them back. Do not do such things.

  1. Do not abuse hashtags

You should not waste your time by using the most popular hashtags, since usually real people do not engage on it. You should rather have loyal and real followers, who are really interested in your posts. So, do not use hashtags wrongly.


If you avoid these 10 things, you can become a master of Instagram.