Instagram has become a popular social media platform, where people can show their creative side by posting amazing pictures. These pictures can be of you or of anything else, the landscape, food, etc. However, this photo sharing platform is not just about sharing photos. It is much more than this.

In simple words, there are some things that you should do, so that you can get lots of Instagram followers, likes, and so on. Here are the top 10 dos that you must keep in mind while posting your pictures on this social media platform.

  1. Use your own photo editing and filtering techniques

You should rather do a custom filtering of your photographs that you post on Instagram. This means not to use the pre-set filters that are there on the Instagram app. Make use of other photo editing tools, so that you can produce a steady aesthetic mosaic of pictures on your Instagram account.


  1. Use a modest background

In order to make the main image pop up, you need to choose a minimalist background for your picture. The background should be clean and crisp, so that the whole picture comes out to be bold and makes a high impact. Make sure it does not have lots of visual detailing.

  1. Use natural light

Ensure that you find and make use of natural light whenever possible in your Instagram pictures. This will give them a real look.

  1. Use the adjustment and cropping tools

Make use of cropping tools in order to highlight the important part in your image. You can edit and crop your photos easily with your Smartphone.

  1. Post pictures with different content

Post different snaps that show your lifestyle as a whole package. Post pictures that display your individuality and not just your dress. This will build their trust in you.

  1. Edit your feed according to you

Instagram allows you to edit freely. You can always delete or tweak an image later on.


  1. Experiment

You can freely experiment on Instagram, since you can delete or edit your pictures anytime.

  1. Focus on engagement

You should focus on the engagement of people, which means posting something that gets them talking. You can post a funny joke or ask a question in your picture caption. Post pictures that get people to care and make them question or think.

  1. Be yourself

Just be yourself on Instagram. Do not fake around or be spammy. Instead, be genuine and real. Interact with people who have similar interests as yours.

  1. Be consistent

You should post regularly on Instagram. Do not just vanish away for long time periods and then post ten pictures consecutively. Do not post pictures in a row; post them with a gap of atleast three hours. Additionally, post your pictures at optimal times. Make sure to be consistent in the style and types of your pictures also.

These are the 10 things that you must do, when posting your snaps on Instagram. These will help you to master this photo sharing platform as well as improve your photography skills.