Prepare to be amazed by these seemingly impossible feats performed by these yogis. Whether you’re looking for insightful videos, motivation, or just some mind-boggling yoga poses, these Instagram yogis are sure to provide. Warning: Never try these advanced poses at home without the supervision of an expert.

1. Claire Fountain

Yoga in a moving train? Oh no…this picture is not photoshopped. That’s Claire doing one of her famous sexy yoga poses. This yoga teacher has inspired a lot of people by simply sharing photos of herself flexing in the oddest spots.

2. Talia Grace Peretz



“Listen to your body and stay kind and intelligent in your practice – Talia.” This yogi will teach you things about the body that you could never dream of. Her Instagram account is crowded with images of her defying what we thought we knew about basic human anatomy.

3. Irene Pappas


Irene’s flexibility is truly inspiring. She displays some of the most impressive asanas but manages to make them look effortless. He adventurous and exciting photos are really uplifting.

4. Alyssa Pantaleo


Whether she is out on the ocean or in her backyard, Alyssa just loves to let loose and let her body blend with the environment around her. As an added bonus, she is always wearing a bright smile.

5. Michelle Arenal

Michelle brings fun and sexy to yoga. She fell in love with yoga after training for a marathon but little did she know that she was starting a new race that she would win.

6. Stephanie Birch

This talented mom loves posting impressive photos with her family. Her photos always carry inspirational quotes that will bring a smile to your face. Moms really do know best.

7. Lady Dork

This yogini multitasker proves that the kitchen is not just meant for cooking. You won’t see anyone else doing a dancer’s pose while cooking eggs. Her wild poses are oh so welcomed!

8. Lola Peters

Flexible, beautiful and motivational. Lola teaches you to never set limits and always strive to impress yourself. “What a terrible waste of life it is, to always take the easy path,” she says.

9. Laura

Mixed with her remarkableasanas, Laura followers will often see her blowing kisses. Her playfulness and unique illustrations are always pleasing to see. 

10. Linnea

This insanely heart wrenching pose might make your jaw drop. Linnea’s bravery and flexibility make her one of the most extreme yogis to date. Surely it takes a great amount of skill to do this.