We’ve searched long and hard to bring you a list of girls that you’d love to meet at the gym in Brazil. Everyone appreciates a female who takes care of their body and by looking at the hips and thighs on these ladies, we can’t imagine who wouldn’t.

1. Lais Deleon

Her parents definitely gave her the right name, she’s the only “doll” that every grown person would love to own. Whether she is wearing a swim suit or a pair of sweat pants, you can’t help but notice the Nicaraguan’s perfectly shaped booty.

2. Gracyanne Barbosa

Gracyanne started out as a dancer and then got into fitness. She went all in and since then she has been on the cover of the February 2007  issue of Playboy Brazil and the December 2011 issue of Revista Sexy. Life must be good!

3. Anik Anselmo

Anik is the kind of girl that you’ll want to work twice as hard at the gym to impress. She has fashioned an amazing body through her fitness regime and her great looks make her all the more appealing.  

4. Mari Reis

Mari Reis is a hot and sexy IFBB fitness model. She is highly talented and she exercises daily to keep in shape. While living healthily she has also found the time to share her gift with a lot of women; helping them to achieving great assets that they can flaunt.

5. Juliana Salimeni

Like all the ladies on this list, Juliana is not like your typical fitness model. The Brazillian beauty has appeared on the cover of Playboy and many popular local TV programs. In 2010 she was accurately chosen as the “Sexiest Woman in the World” by VIP magazine.

6. Daniele Balas

Daniele sure likes to use her Instagram posts to remind everyone that she is in shape. Simply put, she is a beauty queen who’s moonlighting as a personal trainer and fitness model.

7. Roberta Zúñiga

Roberta has gotten a lot of attention for her amazing leg and booty workout techniques and it’s evident why. Her firm legs and quads are a great reminder, to her 800,000 followers, that hard work does pay off.

8. Jessica Carvalho

Jessica become a fitness coach after realizing her passion for bodybuilding. When she is not inspiring others to get up off the couch, she enjoys sporting her bikini body on a beach in Brazil. If there is ever a reason for you to visit the gym, it’s this.

9. Carol Melo

Besides having an amazing body, which has landed her on the cover of many magazines, Carol is a fitness coach and entrepreneur. She loves to post pictures that highlight her best features.

10. Loana Muttoni

You may want to think twice about leaving a negative comment on Loana’s page. The two time World Amateur Fitness Champion has a very competitive side despite her gentle facial features and stunning physique. She has appeared in numerous fitness magazines and she also dreams of being an Olympian.