We have selected these ten California girls who represent the very best of what California has to offer. Join them on Instagram and get a taste of the sun, surf, sand and sexy bikini-clad beauties that epitomize this glorious state. We are sure you’ll love these California girls as much as we do.



1. Marloes Horst

Marloes is Dutch, blonde, blue-eyed and simply beautiful! She has appeared on the cover of various editions of Elle, Grazia and Vogue. She was also feature in the 50th anniversary edition of Sports Illustrated and she graced the 2010 Pirelli Calendar. The new face of Maybelline (New York), Prada, Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret also have a place on her resume.



2. Paige Alicia Tiziani

One look at Paige answers the question ‘Why do we all love California girls so much?’ The stunning, lithe beauty seems to have a bikini for every hour of every day, since she’s hardly in anything else! Her throng of followers enjoy the thrill of keeping track of these itsy-bitsy additions to wardrobe.  



3. Ohdollx

Bet you wish you lived next door to this girl! With strong features reminiscent of her Mexican heritage, this California resident showcases the very best of both worlds. Ohdollx is actively pursuing her dream of becoming an icon in the fashion industry and she gives her many Instagram followers the chance to watch her dream unfold.



4. Paige Feddersohn

Expressing her creativity through modelling is one of the main reasons Paige enjoys her chosen field. An LA to Santa Barbara transplant, this glamour model has a sexy toned body and style to spare. We can all agree up front that for this charming lady the legs are where it’s at – and everything else is a close second!



5.  Brittani Paige

Sweet Britanni is a pleasingly sexy mixture of her Swedish, Vietnamese and Mexican heritage. Her love of laughter, strong determination and inner strength shine through her compelling work as a glamour model. Lucky for her fans, this California girl is an avid Instagrammer who likes to make regular posts to her page.   



6. Courtney Paige Nelson

Courtney gives each assignment 100% of her efforts and the results are always truly amazing. Superbly photogenic from head to toe, her eyes draw you into every photo and her wonderfully toned physique pulls you back for a second (and third) look. A California girl in love with the sunshine, she’s sure to brighten your day.



7. Stacie Hess

Like any other California girl, Stacie loves the beach and has the bikini collection to prove it! Her artistic nature is greatly influenced by her beloved and diverse state. She finds an outlet for her creativity in modelling, photography and acting, each of which benefit from her flair for creating eye-catching works of art.



8. Sadie Brook

This actress, model and cheerleader from Houston has carved out a niche for herself in the California modelling landscape. She has quite an impressive resume, having appeared in feature films, short films, commercials and print. With plans to continue acting as a fulltime career, she invites her many followers to join her on her journey.



9. Kristen Brooke

While all of her stands out beautifully in her work, Kristen’s soft blue eyes are perhaps her most striking feature. She covered various magazines and appears on the Harley Davidson calendar, as well as on Sports Illustrated.com.  Voted among Maxim Magazine USA “Hottest Women of Instagram” March 2013, you have to agree – she just keeps turning up the heat!



10. Tavia Wilson

Having this California beauty next door would be a blast, since she ‘basically lives in a bikini’!  That guarantees you get to appreciate all those squats and sit-ups she does to keep her abs and derriere in shape. Aside from pursuing modelling, Tavia is also an actor and singer with a passion for horseback riding – in a bikini we hope!