Melbourne is home to many of Australia’s largest and oldest cultural institutions, therefore it’s no surprise so many models are drawn to its rich artistic flavor.  From reigning supermodels to aspiring ones, this city brings you the best that the fashion world has to offer. Here are 10 we think you will want to keep an eye on, as you make your way through the world of social media.



1. Olivia Donaldson

Olivia won The Face Australia for a good reason – she is absolutely gorgeous! She always looks great and truly shows that natural beauty in not just a one shot deal.  She is a journalism and psychology student, originally from Perth, with the complete package of brains, face, panache and a well-toned bikini body.



2. Jordyn Lucas

Jordyn is a prolific promotional and print model based in Melbourne. Her success, however, is not only based on her shapely buxom beauty. She prides herself on being punctual and professional. This spokesmodel for various brand is also quite bubbly, a trait that shines through in her many must-see posts on Instagram.



3. Karri Nicholas

This sultry blue-eyed brunette from the Gold Coast has a captivating gaze that adds to her striking beauty. Karri has been a brand ambassador for several companies and has done a huge volume of modeling work outside of Australia. When not in front of the camera, she keeps busy helping others set up their own successful social profiles.



4. Tammy Thompson

Tammy proves that determination is a powerful tool in achieving your goals. This up and coming fitness model has her sights set on becoming an international fitness champion. Judging from her posted bikini shots, her chances are really excellent! So as great as you might think she is doing now, she warns you ‘The best is yet to come’!



5. Samantha Robinson

Down-to-earth Gold Coast native Samantha currently lives in Los Angeles, making her mark on the fashion industry. This foodie with a great sense of humor looks awesome in basic black and just about everything else (including nothing at all!). She frequently posts shots from her travels to keep her followers in the know about her career and daily routine.



6. Elke Kahler

It is easy to tell that Elke is from the sunshine coast – her smile brightens each photo she is in. She is determined to do something ‘remarkable’ in her life and her thousands of followers are ecstatic that she chose modeling as her outlet. She keeps them up-to-date by sharing many interesting pictures of her work and travels on her page.



7. Crystal Mitchell

Queenslander Crystal loves the outdoors, and the beach is one of her favorite spots (to show off her great figure of course!) This self-styled idealist is taking life head-on and is set to make a big splash in the fashion industry.  With her natural good looks and charming personality, she’s surely one model you’ll want to keep track of.



8. Tully Smyth

Currently working out of Melbourne, Tully is no stranger to the limelight. She is a reality television star and ardent blogger with over a quarter of a million followers. This ‘social media butterfly’ loves to give an eyeful of her sexy abs, which her followers certainly can’t seem to get enough of.



9. Renee Somerfield

It seems every shot of her is in a spicy hot bikini, but that’s OK, because she looks fabulous in them! Renee grew up on the southern beaches of Sydney and still loves nothing better than the feel of sand between her toes. A fully booked calendar around the world keeps her more than busy – and she loves it.



10. Nicole Trunfio

Nicole’s prowess as a supermodel has been duly recognized, since she placed first in Supermodel of Australia and second in Supermodel of the World. She is the current face of Ulta and has worked with a long and illustrious list of designers, including Chanel, Versace and Christian Dior.