Snap a selfie, caption it, post it, and then wait for the likes to roll in. Such is the life of these top Instagram glamour models from Los Angeles. Of course there are many inspirational beauties on the popular photo sharing application; however, in order to make this list you have to be the BEST. Unfortunately, for most of us fans, Instagram is the closest that we will get to them. Where’s the crying emoji when you need one.



1. Jessa Hinton

California girl Jessa appeared on “Baywatch” at the age of 16 and since then she has appeared in ads for Monster Energy Drink and Palms Casino. However standing in front of the camera is just not enough for this self-driven model; she has even launched her own bikini line.




2. Raven Lyn

The freckles on her face must have been strategically placed to give her that innocent natural beauty. Plus, let’s not forget that flawless honey toned complexion. She’s simply pure perfection.



3. Kristen Brooke

Kristen has always had a passion for modeling but her main focus now is to complete her last year of college then move to the big city to pursue her dreams. When asked if she preferred boy shorts, granny panties, or thongs; her response was “granny panties all day, boy shorts to bed, and thongs any other time.” You’ve got to love her.



4. Natalia

After years of ballet dancing, this Cuban-Croatian beauty decided to take it to the catwalk. Natalia made the right decision. She has been featured in a number of magazines, such as: Maim, Arsenic Magazine, and Tuned in Magazine. Nonetheless, she still cherishes the biggest lesson dancing taught her, “to never give up.”



5. Jenny Blendermann

Jenny frequently poses in her birthday suit but with a body that fine no one is complaining. For those of you who are curious, her dream date is pretty simple, although she would not mind dining on a beautiful white sand beach in Bora Bora.



6.  Franciele Medeiros

Franciele is one of the faces of Monster Energy Drink and given her liveliness and outgoing personality, she’s perfect for the job. The Brazilian beauty spends a lot of time in the gym but with a body that curvy, we’re not sure that she needs it.



7. Jenna Chapple

“Faith, Hope Strength”, is tattooed on her right side and this certainly tells us a lot about the model. It’s hard to believe but Jenna has only been modeling for one year; although she’s not one to go unnoticed in a room. She has recently moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta and by looking at her Instagram, we’re happy to welcome her to the modeling community. 



8. Jaimie

Jamie is simply muy caliente. She’s a very down to earth girl who dreams of becoming a truck driver. We’d rather keep her infront of the camera where she belongs. Maybe we should thank Minxy, her alter ego who comes out during photo shoots.



9. Lena Martinson

Lena’s definitely on her way to big things and we want to ensure that we have a front row seat to watch her flourish. She has a good sense of humor and the five things she cannot live without are: her cellphone, GPS, fuzzy robes, high heels, and steak. Let’s add her Instagram account to that list so that we can always see new photos of her.



10. Leanna Decker

Leanna is a gorgeous Kentucky born model famous for her title as Playboy’s Cyber Girl in the year 2012. She puts her heart and soul into model and we think that’s what makes her photos so impressionable. Two thumbs up Leanna.