We gave you the top 10 swimwear models on Instagram form California, so now it’s only fair that we give you the top 10 hottest bikini bodies on Instagram from Florida. Whether they’re poolside or lounging on the beach, these stunning women make a refreshing dip in the water look far more attractive when they’re present.

1. Gemma Lee Farrell

If you’re done admiring her photo then you’re ready to learn more about Gemma. You may remember her from when she was featured as Playboy’s Miss November 2013; however, her resume has grown a lot since Then. She’s a natural beauty. Her sky blue eyes, long brunette hair and gorgeous figure are certainly one of a kind. We’re looking for a problem but we can’t find one.

2. Tugba Ercan

You may remember seeing this Turkish-born model cozied up with the legendary Tiger Woods at a Vegas poker tournament. However, what really landed her on this list is her strong professionalism. Her beautiful smile and toned body are no secret; however, according to those close to her, it’s her big heart that makes her so special.

3. Cindy Prado

Maxim really does know how to choose their Hometown Hottie. Cindy is definitely deserving of the title. Off duty she enjoys visiting the gym and laying on the beach in Miami drinking Pina coladas as she sunbathes. It’s  scenery that we all hope to see.

4. Katya Elise Henry

Katya Henry has 1.2 million Instagram followers wrapped around little finger and all it took was a picture of her in a Bikini. She often shares her ab workout with her followers and she is never too shy to flaunt her bodacious booty. She truly gives all the girls on this list a run for their money.

5. Karina Dunaeva

Not only is Katrina is fluent in Russian and English, she also attended the California State University in Los Angeles before heading to the sunshine state. It’s always good to come across someone who doesn’t view what they do as work but simply as staying true to themselves. Maybe that’s why her photos seem so natural.

6.  Bryana Holly


Bryana is represented by Wilhelmina and she has garnered a lot of attention for her legendary photo shoot for Treats Magazine. She was named Miss September 2012 by Transworld Surf after submitting a bold photo with the caption “Surf Naked”.

7. Nasia Jansen

Wow! We could drown in those eyes. She is a Playboy model who has also practiced Tae Kwon Do since childhood. If you’ve never seen her do double nunchucks in her swimwear, you’re missing a treat.

8. Darrian Dallas

This blonde beauty loves to share daring photos, giving her thousands of followers a behind-the-scene glimpse into her day-to-day activities. She has a killer body, welcoming smile, and mesmerizing eyes. We’ll leave it at that!

9. Maria Doroshina

Maria is the perfect example of beach body inspiration. She can make a pair of granny panties look as good as a lacey bikini bottom. Whenever she is away from the camera and not posing for magazine, this beachgoer enjoys working out to maintain her perfect frame.

10. Jessica Perez

Jessica only started modeling in 2012 but she has garnered more attention than a lot of the models on this list. Visit her Instagram and you’ll know why. Some of the major companies that she has done promotional shoots for include: RedBull, Maybelline, Monster Energy, Harley Davidson, and the list goes on.