Stunning women and tattoos are just like cookies and cream – the perfect match. Equally delicious and desirable, especially when it comes to pleasing the eyes. So, as a treat, we’ve rounded up the hottest girls in America with gorgeous tattoos that make them that much sexier.

1. Angela Mazzanti

Angela is a perfect work of art. She considers getting tattoos as one of her hobbies and she will occasionally go in front of the camera wearing only her tattoos. She has been featured in magazines like Hustler, Snapmatter, and Tabu Tattoo.

2. Komisa Raven

Here’s a girl that you would want in the seat next to you on a long road trip. Beautiful, exciting, and adventurous.

3. Jenah Yamamoto

Jenah’s intricate sleeve tattoos compliment her sun kissed skin and delicate facial features.

4. Shannon Boothby

This 28 year old suicide girl is always looking edgy in front of the camera. She enjoys playing games such as Pokemon in her free time, which makes her the perfect “girl next door” in our opinion.

5. Natasha Rane

As we like to say here at IGModelSearch, “the more the merrier.” This is 100% true with Natasha and her colorful tattoos that blend well with her curvaceous body.

6. Eliza Winn

The only thing better than seeing Eliza on the pages of magazines such as Playboy, Inked Girls and FHM is seeing her in action in a music video.

7. Ashley Nicole Shelton

Ashley’s fashionable tattoos are all the accessories she needs to compliment her great body. We’re especially in love with her Marilyn Monroe tattoo.

8. Samii La’ Morte

This sexy little show stopper is an alternative model from Australia. Her tattoos are done solely by her husband so you won’t see her walking into your tattoo pallor anytime soon. Sad emoji.

9. Maegan McKenney

She might look like a Barbie doll; however, Maegan is a foxy thrill seeking redhead who simply oozes sex appeal.

10. Hannah Dugas

If her amazing tattoos doesn’t win you over, her free spirited personality will.