A drive to succeed is what these ladies have in common. Each one is an inspirational story wanting to share in your own fitness journey. What is fantastic about them is that they all support the idea that fitness is as much a state of mind as a state of body. So as you visit each page to take in their appealing bikini clad physiques, we hope you find inspiration and motivation to make fulfilling lifestyle changes.  



1. Erin Pugliese

Erin’s online coaching company is aptly called TrainStrongLiveSexy. Check out her Instagram page – you’ll see that’s exactly what she does. Strong and sexy Erin has been featured in health, fashion and fitness magazine ads. She wants to give you guidance; emotional and technical support; as well as motivation to stick to your fitness goals.  



2. Paige Hathaway

According to Forbes magazine – Paige is set to be a major player in the fitness industry. Her near three million followers wholeheartedly agree!  This fitness entrepreneur enjoys sharing tips and tricks on how to make health a priority and have a fun, balanced life. Her fans enjoy that her page is loaded with the strong smooth curves of her bikini body.



3. Thereze Hernetoft

Swedish Thereze is a bikini fitness athlete and model. She is also an internationally certified personal trainer, nutritionist and coach. She invites you to partake of her years of experience in the fitness industry. On Instagram she gives you a firsthand look at her heavenly body going through her daily health and fitness routines.



4. Ana Delia De Iturrondo

Ana Delia is beautifully, fit and healthy. She retains a definitely appealing softness that adds sexiness to her incredible athletic strength. As an international model and fitness athlete, she is kept busy training and on assignments. She does find time, however, to keep her page updated with juicy photos to satisfy her near four hundred thousand followers.



5. Caitlin Rice

Caitlin’s followers on Instagram are fast approaching the one million mark (she’s at well over eight hundred thousand, and counting!) They are drawn by her great personality and totally awesome fit and sexy body. She and her hunky hubby founded FitNut Training to help others reach their health and fitness goals while feeling great inside and out.



6. Lais DeLeon

Brazilian beauty, fitness and bikini model Lais has sweet curves and splendid muscles in all the right places. She encourages you to start, and stick with, your own fitness, health and lifestyle journey. Personalized workouts, meal plans and guidance are all a part of the package she offers through her online fitness business.



7. Helga Lovekaty

Seriously busty Helga may not be a fitness professional, but she is quite fit, with a healthy dose of sexy thrown in. She is a Russian “fetish” model with a huge following on Instagram where she treats her followers to oodles of eye-popping photos.



8. Hannah Polites

Hannah is passionate about fitness, food, style and travel. She shares this passion on Instagram and through her blog with her close to one million followers. This Australian fashion and fitness devotee will tell you that she is an adventurer and hopeless romantic. She also has a closet full of delectable bikinis which she loves showing off in her photos.  



9. Bruna Lima

Bruna gives really great advice on fitness in general, but (and we really mean ‘butt’) her forte is glutes. Beautiful in both face and body, she currently lives in Florida, but is a native of Brazil with Italian ancestry. She hopes her Instagram page will motivate and inspire others (not just women) to actively create the body they want.



10. Laura Kopel

Laura urges you to belief in yourself as you strive to reach your fitness destination. She is a semi-professional soccer player, which helps her sculpt her gorgeous physique in preparation for figure competitions or assignments as a model. She loads videos and fabulous pics of her amazing form on her page, as motivation to her many followers.