These ten ladies relish the feeling of empowerment that their inkwork gives them. They proudly display each intricate and extremely artistic design, hoping to inspire other women and men to feel the freedom that comes with self-expression. You don’t have to be a fan of tattoos to appreciate the beauty displayed on these very lovely curves.



1. Ashley Sophia Zagari

Multi-talented Ashley works overtime as a model, designer and photographer. With super sexy curves and a wild side hinted at by the leopard print tattoo on her arms, she has enjoyed exposure in numerous magazines (covers and editorials), music videos and commercials.  She hopes to use her Instagram page to inspire her 10 thousand followers.



2. Sarah Pardini

Sarah was born in Colorado, raised in Hawaii and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She is a talented photographer and self-described lightbender. Her Instagram is a diary that chronicles her work, hobbies and daily routines. With 81 thousand followers she gives glimpses into her live and her creations as a photographer and in hand sewn outfits.



3. Roxie Ann

Roxie’s soft curves feature amazing artwork that she is quite proud of. She is an alternative model in love with the fashions and styles of the 50’s. Big hair and sexy, glamorous clothes are a high point with this pinup girl who offers a sweet treat in each of her photos. Speaking of sweet treats – she is also a baker and cake decorator.



4. Jennifer Charity

Think revolution, rebel and sexy lingerie and you have a perfect picture of Jennifer. This tattooed model with several intriguing body piercings certainly has a wild side. She lets that wild show to her followers on Instagram who enjoy every posted snapshot of her great inkwork and awesome physique.



5. Laura Law

French tattoo model Laura loves reading, travelling and the night. She easily captivates her audience with her ocean blue eyes and golden hair. Versatility is the name of her game, transitioning between different styles and modes of expression. She has an extraordinary personality that features her gentle, fragile, nature loving side and her serious love of hard rock.



6. Ali

Adorned in intricate  inkwork, Ali (aka Mz Bones) is an internationally published alternative model and pinup girl. This UK native is also a makeup artist and hairstylist with a definite passion for the modeling industry. She prides herself on the range of her creativity working on zombies, pin up girls, super vixens, brides, killer prom queens, and everything in between.



7. Courtney Kelly Deeks

Courtney is a published UK model tattoo. She specializes in alternative and glamour modeling and her over 12 thousand followers on Instagram enjoy every bit of her work. Confident and opinionated, she drinks her coffee black and loves roses – which are a constant theme in her lovely inkwork. Her next tattoo will be “Loyal” on her pelvis – so keep watching!



8. Thalia

Thalia is on a mission to live life to the fullest. Ambitious and enthusiastic, she is grateful for the opportunity to express herself proudly on the outside through her inkwork. She is an alternative model and aerial performer who has the distinction of placing 2nd in the Miss Alternative Competition 2014.



9. Terri Altilar

Terri wears many hats ( and often very little else). She effortlessly splits her time among her many endeavors and her 32 thousand followers on Instagram are kept busy keeping up with this gorgeous powerhouse. Steamy, sultry and sexy are the coveted hallmarks of this internationally published cover model.



10. Alyssa Barbara

This glamour model from Vancouver already has magazine spreads, fashion shows and collaborations with many well-known photographers to her credit. She is a free and naked spirit with a love for comedy. her 114 followers and Instagram get to enjoy every inch of her buxom tattooed frame as she prefers ‘scantily clad’ as her go to fashion style.