These ten Inspiring Fitness Advocates on Instagram do it all with you in mind. Their goal is to guide you along as you journey to a level of health and fitness they are sure you can achieve. Check out each one for a great tips, photos, and lifestyle ideas that are certain to motivate you to stick to your fitness plans and celebrate your accomplishments.



1. Lais Deleon

Lais has an astounding following on Instagram – close to one million followers and growing every day. Why? She offers fitness, meal and lifestyle advice (here and on her webpage) in her friendly, effortless manner. At the same time she uses her toned and sexy physique as inspiration for what can be achieved through dedication and hard work.



2. Ashley Kaltwasser

Beautiful Ashley is no stranger to fitness competitions. Her superbly toned body tells you why she has twice won the Ms Bikini Olympia crown. An 11-time IFBB Pro Champion, she has appeared on the cover of Oxygen Magazine and FitnessRX for Women. She posts regular updates of her fitness achievements to satisfy her close to 300 thousand followers on Instagram.



3. Dawn Mittleman-Clark

Dawn is a NPC Figure competitor with consistent high placements in competitions she has entered. For her fitness is more than a sport, it an all-consuming passion that she is eager to share with others.  She has sculpted body into a true specimen of healthy fitness and she uses her photo and videos on Instagram to inspire other to reach their fitness goals.



4. Anita Hodosi

Hungarian Anita takes fitness and health very seriously and that shows in the wonderfully sculpted body she presents in her photos. She has worked with Calvin Klein and has been on the covers of several magazines – including Lash and The Independent. She gives an eyeful of her lithe frame to her thousands of followers on Instagram.



5. Ashley Nordman

Born and raised in Chicago, Ashley grew up as an athletic tomboy playing various sports. She struggled with her body image and dieting, however, until she found out the benefits of a bodybuilding and fitness health. She is now an online coach and mentor focussed on helping her clients  be successful, happy, and confident.



6. Nicole Woyak

Nicole flexes her body, mind and brains as a certified yoga instructor with degrees in international development, neuroscience and public health. She is also trained in dance, barre, and meditation techniques.  She uses her Instagram page to inspire her thousands of followers who enjoy her posts of the pretty amazing and mind bending poses she’s mastered.



7. Jessie Green

Fitness is Jessie’s life – and she wants to share it with you. This founder of GREENBODY is a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coach with a wealth of experience to help her clients.  That experience includes being a Cirque du Soleil fitness coach, professional dancer and actor.



8. Ashley SportsnFitness

Fitness is infused in every aspect of Ashley’s life. With a degree in Sport Management a host of other credentials to boot, she offers her knowledge and experience to clients as an online coach. She is an avid blogger, published model and spokesmodel for fitness brands.  Her page inspires her followers to believe in all they can achieve.



9. Sarah Ardhelia

Polynesian Sarah has the right mix of exotic beauty and fitness to take her all the way in the modelling industry. Her nearly 50 thousand followers keep coming back to her Instagram page for motivation and inspiration from her daily health and lifestyle tips.  She also posts photo updates of her workout routines.



10. Vanessa

Vanessa wants you to achieve the same degree of fitness success that she has. Her Instagram page is dedicated to showing you the beauty of a fit and health female body. Fantastic poses, workout routines and idyllic natural settings all abound to inspire you to take your body to the next level of fitness.