These ten Instagram personalities use the power of their creativity and imagination to mesmerize you with makeup artistry. Each has found a niche in the industry and uses the Instagram platform as a means to sharing their awesome talents with you. Makeup may be their main interest, but each has other interesting talents you can share in by following their page.



1. Ashley Rose

Mommy and model Ashley uses her Instagram page as a glowing portfolio of her talents and artistry. Not afraid to take risks and step outside the box, her work as a makeup artist features bold colors and eye-catching designs and styles. Modeling and makeup are this Denver girl’s passion, and she relishes creating magic with them.



2. Valentina Azul

Burlesque lover, Valentina is all about big hair and fabulous style. This makeup artist and alternative model from Los Angeles believes in the power of her art n highlighting the very best of fashion, theatre, beauty and pop culture. Her Instagram page showcases her captivating work.



3. Samer Khouzami

Lebanese Samer is an internationally sought after makeup artist currently doing global workshop tours. He has a degree in graphic design and enviable attention to detail. Beautiful, powerful and sexy are the traits he seeks to highlight in the women he work with, aiming to give them the timeless beauty he saw in his mother.  



4. Deserey Aka Dez

YouTuber Deserey inspires her viewers with videos on style transformation and beauty tutorials. She is also an actress, model and avid foodie with a growing Instagram following, currently rating at 19 thousand. Her awesome and sexy cinematic fashion style is complemented by knack for selecting and using the perfect product combinations.



5. Holly Bittleston

Holly is a spicy hot salsa dancer and admitted tattoo addict. Her inkwork is as intriguing and intricate as her makeup and hairstyle creations. She is kept busy by her growing clientele who take full advantage of the fact that she ‘does it all’ – color cuts, updos, braiding extensions and more. Her own luscious red hair and sexy style provide all the inspiration they need.



6. Renee Mattos

Renee is more than a great makeup artist, her toned muscles and wonderful bikini figure point to the fact that she is also a bikini model and fitness competitor. When it comes to fashion, she sees herself as the creator of beautiful things, show her artistry in nail tech and hair styles. You can also check out her workout videos on YouTube and Vimeo.



7. Amanda Teresamua

Amanda is a beautiful certified makeup artist from sunny Los Angeles. She is usually occupied working her makeup magic for photo shoots, films and special events. She loves to incorporate bright colors and outstanding accents in her creations. Her Instagram page is her way of sharing tips, tricks and advice on all things beauty related.



8. Annie Voigt

Dundee, Scotland is home to makeup artist and model, Annie. She has recently set up her own studio in the city center and is now enjoying the experience of being an entrepreneur. She blogs her daily ups and downs and keeps her followers fully connected with her routines and achievements..



9. Kristina

Young, energetic and positive quite adequately sum up this young lady. She enjoys an Instagram following of 27 thousand and eagerly anticipates that number skyrocketing. She is also on YouTube where she has a very vibrant question and answer feature, dealing with makeup tips and just about anything her viewers need assistance with.



10. Ericka Geni

Los Angeles is home to this gorgeous girl. As a makeup artist, is her own perfect muse – with fabulous hair, great bone structure and milky skin tone. her beautifully proportioned body artfully  displays inkwork that work well with her creations. Join her 14 thousand followers on Instagram and track her rise to prominence in the industry.