Germany has been called ‘the land of poets and thinkers’, and we would like to add ‘stunningly beautiful and resourceful women’ to that list. Here are ten beautiful, interesting and simply captivating models from across the German landscape. They are turning up the heat on Instagram, but you won’t mind getting burned!



1. Vivien Sophie

Expressive eyes and an attractive pixie face, help to give Vivien her much welcomed refreshing look. Her thousands of followers agree that this young vegetarian and animal lover is well on her way to attaining online celebrity status.  This up and coming model invites you to join her and Instagram, for great fashion and beauty tips.



2. Alicia Jiroux

Originally from Amsterdam, Alicia currently lives and works in Germany and is having the time of her life! She has full lips, flawless skin, a great figure and a wonderful sense of fashion.  All of these are a generously displayed on her Instagram page for her one hundred and fifty thousand followers.  



3. Marie Kapferer

New on the scene Marie is definitely going places! What makes her stand out from the crowd is how well and how easily she transforms from one look to the next. Check out her frequent posts on her Instagram page to see for yourself and be sure to add her to your ‘must follow’ list.



4. Kristina Derichs

Whatever your fashion or lifestyle needs, the lovely Kristina has got you covered. Both her Instagram page and website keep you in the know on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, recipes and travel.  She uses her slim and sexy figure to model ideas and suggestions for over one hundred and fifty thousand followers.



5. Anna Ewers

It seems designers can’t get enough of Anna! She is in constant demand to walk their runways. In fact, she has walked for over sixty top designers, with all the biggest names included. She often poses for editorials in Vogue Paris and has made it on to the cover of this magazine, as well as the Italian, Chinese and German editions.



6. Melissa Deines

Melissa currently lives in sunny California, where she is flourishing as a fitness model. Her pleasantly toned physique and bubbly charm have helped her secure an array of assignments. She does manage to put aside time, however, to a host of new pics to her Instagram page. Don’t worry – her gorgeous frame takes center stage in most of them!



7. Toni Garrn

This blonde blue-eyed bombshell uses her supermodel status to raise awareness for Plan International, for which she is an ambassador. She is an official Victoria’s Secret Angel and the face of Jill Sanders’ Simply fragrance. Toni has a huge social media following and uses her Instagram page to interact with her fans.



8. Amanda Martinez

Amanda is originally from Croatia, and has launched a career as an international model. She is a natural redhead with the ability to take on a wide range of styles and looks.  Her Instagram page is full of beautiful pictures of her very photogenic face and sexy cute outfits to match her youthful charm.



9. Jasmin Strangmüller

Jasmine has a ready smile that lights up her perfectly proportioned face. This Munich native’s strong features (reminiscent of Sarah Jessica Parker) are hard to miss or forget. We are sure she will soon be featured in numerous fashion campaigns. Join her on Instagram and watch her rise in the world of fashion.



10. Alexandra Spencer

Another multi-talented beauty; being an attractive model isn’t enough for Alexandra, she is also a prefessional fashion blogger as well. She is a creative director at Next Management, as well as an editor of 4th and Bleeker.