They say ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, and we offer you an eyeful of 10 gorgeous beauties from California. Each one was selected based on the refreshing natural attractiveness she possesses.  They inspire a love and appreciation of self, empowering others let their own natural beauty shine through.



1. Lily Aldridge

Supermodel Lily is simply picture perfect – all the time! She defines class and beauty whether she is out shopping, walking the runway for Victoria’s Secret or striking a sizzling pose for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has graced the covers of numerous magazines, including various versions of both Vogue and Elle.



2. Jasmine Tookes

Naturally beautiful and steamy hot Jasmine is a Victoria’s Secret Angel with an impressive list of accomplishments. She has walked the runway for the likes of Calvin Klein, Prada, and Versace. her print work includes layouts in Vogue Italia, French Vogue and W magazines. She posts frequently to satisfy her over half a million followers.



3. Symphani

She is as unique as her name – a stunning example of the exotic look created by multiracial mix. Symphani is a singer, model, actress, and social media personality with natural and beauty. She enjoys sharing with other women how they can care for their skin, accentuate it with makeup, or have the confidence to go totally bare.



4. Naela Lee

She is a thriving model who is all about getting and saying healthy. She proves that since you are what you eat, natural beauty really is looking good from the inside out. She expertly fits into the desired mode of a project – from sweet to sultry, temptress to innocent, she can do it all.  



5. Nora Gonzalez

Nora is a model who can adapt to any theme or background she is required to work with. She is a sizzling beauty who loves beautiful cars and looks absolutely alluring in short shorts and heels perched atop a speedy racer. In fact, this natural beauty is drop dead gorgeous in just about anything, doing just about anything.



6. Taylor Hill

Titillating blue-green eyes, luxuriant brown hair and legs that seem to go on forever are the hall marks of this supermodel. Here flawless beauty has been repeatedly noted and praised by members of the fashion industry. Taylor is a Victoria’s Secret Angel and has worked with the biggest names in fashion on the runway and in print.



7. Emily Duffield

She has a definite gypsy appeal in the refreshing rebel spirit she exudes. Feel free to bewitched by Emily’s natural beauty as you follow her adventures as a model, writer, and self-confessed chocoholic. She eagerly shares her love of clothes, humor, and food through the plethora of pictures she uploads.



8. Madison Chertow

Full lips, huge expressive eyes and a tanned healthy glow give Madison an enviable natural beauty. She is caught up in every aspect of the fashion industry and gives her passion an outlet as a versatile model and a fashion/beauty editor. She is poised for success in an industry’s whose art and creativity she greatly admires



9. Britt Rose Nicholas

Enchanting hazel-green eyes and silky-smooth brown hair are a part of the appeal of this natural Australian beauty. With her remarkable face and sensational body, Britt is set to make a great impression on the fashion industry. Her charming personality is more than just icing on the cake, as she is winning hearts and scoring numerous assignments.



10. Aarika Gerette Wolf

Hot as can be Aarika is a well-known lingerie model. She has an admirable zest for life that is clearly evident in all of her work. She enjoys modeling and can always be relied on to put out maximum effort to ensure the success of whatever project she is working on.