They may be living in the land Down Under, but these popular Australians are easy to keep up with wherever you are on the globe. Check out their Instagram accounts to see how each one has found a unique mode of expression for her creativity. You’ll see that they are not popular just because they are attractive, but each one is also an intelligent demonstration of the diverse talents Australia produces.



1. Jessica Molly

Being a first generation Australian, Jessica attributes her unique and exotic features to her European ancestry. This to down to earth, true Aussie girl has always aspired to be a fashion model, and has found that the glamour modelling industry is her true passion. She is an internationally published model and currently enjoys a following of over 61 thousand on Instagram.



2. Gabby Dover

Gabby may be relatively new to the fashion scene, but she has accomplished quite a lot in a short space of time. She has walked the runway for Victoria Beckham among others, and has editorial features in several magazines including I Love You and Muse Magazines. Her second Instagram page GABBY_CREATES allows her to show you distinctive creative side.



4. Gaby Ouellet

Gaby, ‘The cat-eyes girl’, feels her eyes are truly her trademark. They may contribute to the fact that she is fast gaining editorial ground in the industry. Her silky brown hair, soft brown eyes and svelte frame are also doing their part in giving her a distinctive look that has landed her shoots in Oyster, Creem, and Dress to Kill magazines.



5. Jaye-Lena Joy Green

Health enthusiast Jaye-Lena loves to express herself through fashion and uses her Instagram page as a video diary of her signature style. She invites her followers to join her as she aims to ‘take part in everything this world has to offer’. With a plan to do, see and feel it all, she promises a very exciting ride for those who come along.



6. Jasmin Smith

Jasmine wears many hats – she is a certified photographer, raw food nutritionist, entrepreneur, model, makeup artist and social media influencer. The good thing is – she great at all of them! She certainly is busy but ensures her Instagram page keeps you well posted. As a model, this Brisbane native has recently been featured on the cover of Queensland Brides 100th issue.



7. Sarah Jane

If you can imagine beauty and brains in a very sexy bikini, then you have conjured up a picture of Sarah. She is a Law student, bikini competitor and personal trainer from New South Wales with an impressive 89 thousand strong following on Instagram.  She uses ‘livefitwithsarah’ to show you that good health and fitness are key ingredients in a fulfilling active life.



8. Sarah Hilton

Internationally published glamour model Sarah fell in love with the modeling industry after winning the Victorian title in the Ralph Swimwear Model of the Year Competition, and has never looked back. She has several credits to her name, chief among them a 2 page spread in FHM after placing second in their Girl-Next-Door competition.  



9. Sophie Froidevaux

Her nearly 10 thousand followers on Instagram agree that this Melbourne beauty is hot and sexy indeed. She hopes to inspire others to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and uses her Fit Kitchens website as a way to reach those in need of a little help in the nutrition and food planning area.



10. Gabby Epstein

Bio-medical Science student, Gabby, relishes being able to travel to different locations in her career as a model. London, Shanghai and Los Angeles are just a few of the places she has seen and her over 600 thousand followers on Instagram have been there every step of the way.  She currently has her own women’s lingerie line ‘Gabrielle Grace’.