There is no set description of the role of a model; however, the main reason why we admire them is that they always “own the camera.” While all of these ladies have “walked the catwalk” in front of dozens of cameras, they also enjoy modern methods of sharing photos with their fans on Instagram. So, we’ve ranked some of the hottest swimwear models in California that can advertise your products to thousands of people, simply by posting a picture to Instagram.

1. Chantel Zales

Chantel is the complete package. She is a fitness advocate who is not only curvy in all the right places, she also always looks toned and feminine in a bikini and her millions of followers would agree. Now that’s a sexy chick!

2. Tianna Gregory

Whether it’s a bold red bikini or a flirty monokini, Tianna never fails amaze her millions of fans with when she graces her Instagram with her presence. She’s smart too, as she has established her modeling career beyond social media.

3. Alex Schmidt

Alex loves to take her fans on breathtaking adventures to seashores around the world, where she will casually sport sexy bikinis that seem to be made just for her. Plus she is never too shy to lose her top in front of the camera

4. Rachel Barnes Horowitz

Oh yeah, Rachel likes to flaunt her petite body on the beach leisurely and no one is complaining. Let’s forget for a minute that she was in Justin Beiber’s  music video “Boyfriend’ and commend that fact that she is a college grad and the face of Planet Blue. I know…just when you thought it couldn’t get better.

5. Julia Friedman

If there is anyone who is the epitome of photogenic its Julia. Whether she’s wearing a maxi dress or a stunning two piece bikini you can’t help but drool at her physique. But if you’re willing to admit it, seeing her in a bikini is definitely a guilty pleasure.

6.  Kyra Santoro

I won’t say it if you don’t; however, let’s just say that if you ever meet her be sure to check her back for wings. Her angelic features, is just one of the many reasons why we’ve included her on the list. She certainly comes from a very creative gene pool.

7. Carly Lauren

Carly wasn’t named Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for October 2013 out of sheer luck, it was her natural beauty and pure intelligence. She graduated from Fresno State in California and in her own words “nothing is off the table.”

8. Savannah Kreisman

With ambassador, marketer and designer to her resume, it seems Savannah is nothing short of perfect. Want to be her boyfriend? Well, if it’s any consolation you’re just one of the thousands.

9. Christy May

If you’ve ever doubted the beauty of natural body freckles then you’ve never seen Christy in a swimsuit. She’s free-spirited but she knows how to own the camera. Think blondes are hotter? Take a trip to Christy’s Instagram page!

10. Jen Heward

Model, diet coach, athlete, you name it; Jen seems to have it all. Her Instagram account is accurately titled “ hunnybunsfit” given her sweetness and ability to take your breath away by slipping on a swimsuit. She is also sports nutrition certified.