Bold city girls from across America make up our Top 10 List of Urban Models. The thing with city girls is – they never fail to let you know up front what they stand for. These beauties all have the determination to be at the forefront of their field. Come join them on Instagram and get to know what drives this bevy of gorgeous ladies.

1. Jay Fresh

Jay Fresh loves her body and having her picture taken. A great combination, considering the lovely body she’s got! This engineer (doing her masters, no less) is also owner of Freak Sheaux, an upscale fashion brand. Far from being a party animal, she more the stay at home type – guess it gives her time to post all those eye-popping photos.

2. Ashley MaryJane

Ashley is serious about her work and the artistry it portrays. She loves the sexy and powerful feeling she gets when wearing and posing in lingerie. Her thousands of followers just love her in lingerie – full stop. She is currently working on developing her own brand and is happy for the chance to inspire other women.

3. Rosemarie Jay

This curvy beauty rates a perfect 10 in all her photos! Rosemarie is a model, actress and dancer whose career choices are outlets for her creativity. She loves the opportunities to travel that she gets out of her work and never fails to keep her followers posted on where she is and what she is doing professionally.

4. RoseTheSexSymbol

This young model has been making waves across the country. Her beautiful face, toned body and great proportions are hard to miss. She is constantly busy working around the country and internationally as a glamour model. Her hard work is set to pay off, as she is sure to reach the realms of elite glamour model.

5. Lily Rose

Lily certainly looks picture perfect from every angle! This model and hairstylist (or ‘hair artist’ as she likes to put it) has certainly caught the eye of the industry. Her thousands of fans on Instagram eagerly await each new post that is sure to thrill and entice.

6. Ashley Vee

Former go-go dancer, Ashley, is a glamour model and proud foodie. This doll-faced Filipino has several appearance and promotional credits to her name. She has the distinction of being a DSPORT magazine and calendar cover girl. With over half a million followers (and rising) on Instagram, there’s only one way for this lovey beauty to go – and that’s up.

7. Nasia Jansen

Born and raised in Germany, Nasia currently calls LA home. This multifaceted young lady is an actress, Playboy model and martial arts expert. She specializes in Taekwondo (with a black belt, no less) and is a master of the double nunchucks.  Aside from doing TV shows, commercials and bikini competitions, she is a licenced realtor.

8. Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise is an international glamour model, appearing in Playboy and various other men’s magazines. This glamour model and lover of life is also a personal trainer and avid equestrian.  Her Instagram page is a photo diary dedicated to her beautiful body.

9. Sarah Clayton

71 thousand followers on Instagram know why Sarah has been featured Playboy Special Editions three times, is a Playboy Cybergirl and Playboy Mexico’s Cybergirl of the month. Bikini and lingerie are the favourite of this fitness model has also been featured in Maxim and FHM magazines.

10. Jennifer Summer

Published international cover model, Jennifer, is a Playboy Mexico playmate. She is a former professional cheerleader, US Ambassador in baton twirling and currently enjoys being a fitness, bikini, and lingerie model. Her thousands of followers on Instagram are enjoying it too! She is beauty and brains in a very neat package.