The choice of the right festive pair of shoes is not always that easy especially when the thing is about Christmas and New Year. If you are in search of the best pairs of holiday shoes then stay with us. Today we’ll discover the top 5 pairs of red shoes for these holidays. Why red? Because red is the most festive color. It grabs attention from the first sight and looks so bright, stylish and luxurious. These 5 pairs will also give you ideas on how to choose the best holiday dress or outfit combination. While others start with the choice of the outfit we offer to break stereotypes and choose the shoes first.

Red Knee-High Boots

The attractive thigh high or knee-high boots are this year’s biggest shoe trends. If you already have a pair in black then give a try to another fancy pair in red. It can be either your favorite tone of bright and fiery red or the fashionable burgundy shade. Take an example from Taylor Swift who rocks it with shorts and a simple blouse. Her dark red lipstick completes the desired hot look. She looks quite festive in this cozy style.

Red Glitter Shoes

Lately we have seen red glitter shoes at Mansur Gavriel fall/winter 2019 show. These are the most comfortable pairs of heels you can wear during the holidays. Their design and style is simple and comfortable, but they also stand out with festive touches thanks to red glitters. There are other glitter shoe trends you can consider in 2019 including silver and golden shades but red glitters are the brightest.

Red Fringed Shoes

One of the most creative ideas to make jackets, dresses, shoes, bags and other accessories more eye-catching is adding fringed details. In the case of shoes we mostly meet leather shoes with fringes. They are fun and fascinating design details that provide with an interesting touch to modern outfits and accessories. Fringed boots, high heels and other shoe types are perfect for holidays. They come with a number of cool styles and shades and here you see a pair of beautiful red fringed shoes.

Retro Red Booties

The simpler your shoes the more elegant you’ll look. So, consider a pair of retro booties in red like this gorgeous style. It can be made of natural leather or of a shiny material that’ll made shoes sparkle with all their power. Of course, the combo of two different materials will look better. As for the color, red is perhaps the most impressive hue that reminds us of vintage looks. You can combine it with a classy black dress and red lips or think of a creative mix-up for your outfits.

Bejeweled Red Shoes

Between the most luxurious shoes trends represented in Milan, we have found this unique pair from Dolce & Gabbana’s. Rhinestones and jewels added to your shoes create a style statement. There is a kind of antique touch and effect in these shoes that look so festive and feminine. They are ready to complete your vintage closet.