Aspiring to be fit does not mean that you have to sacrifice your desire to be attractive as well. On the contrary, fitness and hotness often go hand in hand. These 8 fitness instructors can attest to that fact; not only are they fitness buffs, they are absolutely stunning and sexy as well.



1. Hope Beel

Although she feels sexiest in a T-shirt, underwear, and no makeup, Hope is hot as can be in a bikini! She’s a cover model for Fitness Gurls magazine and helps other women achieve the same great look (and feeling). This through her online fitness coaching, teaching a bikini boot camp, and offering excellent advice ever chance she gets.



2. Natalia Zardon

Not only is Elyse a sucessful model, she is also an ambitious entrepreneur as well. Elyse is the creator of her very own clothing line “Evrryday”, while it is a very  young venture, her social media skills and over 300k followers will surely get it off the ground fast.



3. Laura Dalpini

Laura never gave up on her tough fitness goals and has reaped amazing results! She wants you to believe in yourself and achieve your fitness goals too. She guides and challenges you with a winning personality, easy meal plans and fantastic workout ideas. Her page is full of inspirational photos to keep you upbeat on your fitness journey.



4. Laura Kopel

Determination and dedication have made Laura the powerhouse that she is. She encourages you to ‘keep your dreams alive’ and she helps you to do just that by offering up her expertise in fitness (backed by her Bachelor’s degree study of Biology). She keeps busy as a semi-professional soccer player, a soccer coach and figure bodybuilder.



5. EJ Nduka

This 6ft 5in hunk is an American, Canadian and Arena football defensive end and outside linebacker. EJ has made quite a name for himself as a MuscleMania Professional Physique competitor. He offers workout tips and plans, and loads of inspiration as he reminds you that your strength comes from your will and not your physical capacity.



6. Rachel Scheer

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science and loves to lift things – a perfect combination for this nutrition and fitness coach!  Rachel is a fitness athlete and spokeswoman who motivates other women to get into shape and stay that way. She shares a wealth of idea on meals plans and fitness routines on her page.



7. Queenie

Queenie uses her personal fitness achievements to motivate other to reach for their own fitness goals. With a mantra of ‘life, health and prosperity’, she shares healthy meal ideas and inspiring photos to encourage her followers to embrace fitness as a way of life.



8. Siliana Chanel

With a philosophy of ‘strong is the new beautiful’ and her own spectacular transformation, Siliana inspires those wishing to achieve fitness success. This three time winner of Ms Texas Bikini has been featured in numerous magazines and on numerous websites. She offers nutrition and fitness support, and a new clothing line ‘Beauty is a Beast’.