Get ready for an eyeful of gorgeously pumped muscles! These top fitness male models come from all over Texas and are a super-sized example of the brawn and determination that characterizes the Lone Star State. View their pages on Instagram and get inspired for your own fitness expedition.



1. Keven “Da Hulk” Washington

“Da Hulk” is a licensed Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and so much more. Over three hundred pounds of muscle more actually! This body building powerlifter confesses that he absolutely loves lifting heavy weights and getting his muscles pumped to ripping point. Keven is also ‘big’ on inspiring and motivating others to achieve their own transformation.



2. Jonathan Irizarry

This Puerto Rican born powerhouse currently lives in Dallas where he is studying Biology. Jonathan is a certified fitness trainer and offers his services as an online nutritional guidance coach and lifestyle mentor. With many awards and titles under his belt, he admits to being hooked on bodybuilding and fitness.



3. Mick Mcallister

Melissa ‘Mick’ is the creator of the 8 Hour Abs Diet, a result of her over 14 years in fitness training. She enjoys reaching out to others striving to be healthy and happy by helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals. She specializes in nutrition, yoga, kickboxing and everything in-between. This trainer of fitness trainers is ready to take you on!



4. Tim McComsey

With a variety of techniques and approaches born out of his 15 plus years in fitness, Tim offers you the kind of personal trainer-client relationship you can’t find anywhere else. This certified personal trainer and registered dietician describes his methods as ‘easy, safe, healthy, and fulfilling’ encompassing in-gym and online training, meal plans and eBooks.



5. Jason Poston

Jason has met the challenges in his life (including Type-1 diabetes) head-on and overcome them all. His one desire now is to be an example of health for anyone seeking to transform their own lives.  This native of Dallas started bodybuilding at 19 and is now a personal trainer and online nutrition coach for clients worldwide.



6. Dammndee

He is an online coach and weight loss specialist whose main objective is to help you ‘create healthy lifestyle changes that will last forever’. Dammndee wants to move you from scale-watching to competently preparing your own healthy meals, making informed decisions about your fitness routine and being the best possible you!



7. Austin Miller

Austin from Mansfield is 6’4″ and weighs in at just about 200 lbs. He admits that he’s a fitness junkie, with training a main focus in his daily routine.  He currently has his sights set on becoming an in-demand fitness model and with a body this ripped he’s sure to accomplish that hands down!



8. Damian

This daring hunk of muscle is a freestyle motocross rider and stuntman (with one film down and whole heap more to come!) This handsome daredevil has an innate zest for life which inevitably rubs off on those around him. His Instagram page is loaded with pics of his awesome physique – so go ahead and take a peek.