No matter how much should a care of your hair and go for salon treatments, you will not be able to get a head full of hair that you are after you keep making the same hair care mistakes.  Believe it or not, there are different habits that you do every day that are actually wreaking havoc on the health of your tresses. Here are four of the most common your mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. By saying goodbye to these bad habits, you will be able to grow your hair longer, shinier, and stronger.

Using the Wrong Kind of Shampoo

What most people do not understand Is it that sulfates, which are common ingredients that are found in regular shampoos, actually do more harm than good. These ingredients are added to the formula in order to make it easier to remove oil and dirt.  However, for most shampoo, they also wash away the hair’s natural oil and leave it too dry for comfort. Too much exposure to this kind of ingredient also damage your tresses.  For this reason, you have to make sure that you take care in choosing the right kind of shampoo that uses a sulfate-free formula. This way, you will be able to clean your hair without causing any kind of damage whatsoever.

Using Force in Getting Rid of Tangles

More often than not, you will whip out your favorite comb or hair brush hairbrush and use it to straighten out the hair tangles that you get after you shower. While this is a common habit for almost everyone with long hair, you should avoid doing this at all costs. Using force to get rid of tangled hair will damage the follicles and break the strands.  Instead, towel dry or air dry your hair and use a natural hair product that will make the strands slippery; therefore, making it easier to untangle them.

Using Too Much Heat

Before stepping out of the house for your daily tasks, there is a chance that you will spend an ample amount of time in drying your hair using blow dry or a flat iron.  While these tools will make it easier for you to tame your tresses and to get the hairstyle that you are after, using them every day will lead to long-term damage. As a matter of fact, using too much heat to style your hair will lead to breakage and hair crisping.  If you want to style your hair without damaging it, try maintaining just the right amount of heat when using styling tools.

Using Too Much Hair Product

There are different products in your wardrobe to that will surely help you add more shine to your hair and tame the ends and the shorter strands.  However, using too much of these kinds of products may lead to long-term problems. The more products you use, the less space you give your hair to breathe and naturally release the oil that it needs to be able to be naturally beautiful. So as much as possible, Keep your use of hair products to the bare minimum.