Although, the year 2016 has finished, there are many fashion styles that continue in the New Year. 2016 was a year full of new fashion trends, with a mix of high fashion, street wear, and boots. So, let us have a look at the biggest fashion crazes and fads of the previous year.

  1. Bardot tops

Breezy bardot tops were a rage in 2016. Almost every fashionable lady wore it. They ruled the year 2016. These tops are fluffy, comfortable, and light to wear. They were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2016. However, since they have been worn plenty of times, they will not be a trend in 2017.

  1. Exposed shoulders

Exposed shoulder tops were many much in fashion in 2016. They looked formal, fashionable, as well as charming. This type of style is also known as cold shoulder and is a variation of the famous off-shoulder trend. It can be seen in tops, bridal wear, dresses, swimwear, and jumpsuits. However, they have been worn a lot of times, which is why they would not work in 2017.

  1. Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2016. Google informs that the bomber jacket was one of the most searched fashion trends of 2016, with an increase of 612 per cent as compared to 2015.


Although, the bomber jacket is a menswear staple, it has now become a statement piece in the wardrobe of a woman too since it is very versatile. This is an absolute classic piece and is a cornerstone of the women’s as well as men’s wardrobe. This trend is going to continue in 2017 too.

  1. Micropleats

The micropleats were mostly seen on long skirts and long dresses in the year 2016. They look chic as well as very feminine. This was one of the breeziest styles of summer 2016. It was seen on everything, including tops, tunic, skirts, and pants. This style was made famous in 1993. It may continue to be a fashion style in 2017 too.

  1. The choker

Every woman who has an Instagram account was following this trend and tried it at least once. The choker was a huge hit in 2016 with different variations, including the black lacy ones to strings ones. Wannabe girls wore the choker in order to look cool. This trend may continue in 2017 too.

  1. Combat boots

People seem to have got bored with sneakers, as a lot of guys are turning to combat boots. This type of boots looks chic. This trend was started by Kanye West, who also began the Chelsea boot fashion wave. You can wear sand-colored combat boots. These are easily available in the market, including versions of Rothco that cost nearly $70. However, this is a short-lived trend and may not continue in 2017. So, these are the top fashion trends that were a hit in 2016. Some of these fashion styles will continue to rock in 2017 as well and some of them will not. Make sure that you follow the latest fashion fads, so that you can turn heads wherever you go.