One of the main things that you need to do as we transition from a hotter to a colder weather is to re-evaluate your wardrobe and dust off the pieces that will get you from summer to fall. However, as we are currently in a transition phase between these two seasons, it can also be quite tricky to figure out what to wear! Is it hot or is it cold? Well, it is somewhere in between; and here are some useful fashion tips that you may use to ensure that your #OOTDs will still be on point!

Keep on with the Black Shorts

While you would need to stash your bikini and your summer dresses at the back of your closet yet again, there are still some pieces of summer clothing that you can still use for the Fall season. One of them is your trusted pair of black leather shorts. A classic-pair of black shorts can be a very comfortable Fall outfit as long as you pair them with the right pieces. Pair them with a sweater and a nice scarf and you will be good to go!

Pair Dresses with Tights

If you want to add a few more weeks to the time that you spend with your summer dress, then stock up on thick tights! Wearing an opaque pair of tights under your favorite summer dresses is a great way to deal with the transition weather. However, you will need to cover up some more if the weather takes a colder turn, so make sure that you lug around a trusted cardigan. Stick to dresses that come with sleeves as well, since thin-strapped dresses will just be a tad too unpractical for this weather.

Stick with the Sandals

If you are looking for a great way to use your hardcore Fall pieces for this transition weather, then you are in for a treat. As it turns out, all that you need is a nice pair of sandals. By keeping your toes and certain parts of your legs and your feet exposed, you will be able to maintain the right body temperature that will keep you comfortable as the weather changes! It is also a great and flirty way to welcome the new season and to kiss summer goodbye.

Say ‘Welcome Back’ to your Scarf

Lugging around a thick sweater or even a thin jacket may be too much of a hassle for some people. This is wear a nice scarf comes in the picture and saves your fashion woes! It is also a versatile piece that you can use a ton of ways, depending on the main pieces that you have on. Bring out your favorite scarves as the weather becomes trickier and trickier every day, because you will surely be able to use them for the next months.