Just a few fabrics are always trendy and never go out of style. We wear them all year round or choose for this or that particular season. Leather, is definitely one of the most practical and fashionable fabrics in all its shades and styles. It is always used in the creation of accessories like shoes and bags but we often use it for other outfit ideas too. Thus, any stylish woman likes to rock a fancy leather jacket in fall. This is a must-to-have outfit in our wardrobes. While the fabric remains the same, styles undergo changes. Check out the trendiest leather jackets for this fall.

Belted Leather Jacket

Belts allow us to make our looks polished, neater and more elegant especially when it comes to jackets. The latest trends of leather jackets are accompanied by belts. These are cozy and attractive styles that grab attention with their details. While zips can make you feel warmer, belts just highlight the style and shape of the design. Belts also give you the opportunity to define your waist and provide with a chic accent of a moto-girl.

Leather Jacket with Mixed Fabrics

In order to add more interest to leather jackets as well as make them warmer, designers use different tricks. One of them is the combination of mixed fabrics. The majority part of the jacket can be made of leather but the sleeves or some other parts can be made of other fabrics that work well with leather. High-end fashion houses are the ones that find the most beautiful solutions for this style. They sometimes go for asymmetrical touches that provide with more attractiveness to simple designs.

High-Shine Leather Jacket

High-shine leather jackets are back. They were popular in the 80’s and 90’s and we are happy to see them this year with modern designs and styles. High-shine leather grab more attention than matte and glow-less fabrics. They are great especially for rainy days. This shiny piece can replace a vast number of accessories taking your look to the next level. You can combine a shiny leather jacket with matte outfits in order to keep the balance. Consider wearing t-shirts and black jeans with it too.

Leather Jacket with Faux Shearling

Another fantastic way of upgrading leather jackets is completing its design with faux shearling. This way stylists create more luxurious, comfortable and fashionable jackets. The faux shearling is usually in white or black shades, but lately we see unique combos in bright hues too. In the choice of this style pay more attention to the shearling to make sure it’s of high-quality. Some versions of this style are worn not only in autumn but also in winter.

A Pop of Color

In case, you are tired of black leather jackets, you are welcome to try colorful options. Anyone can find the most attractive leather jacket in their favorite color. From the brightest tones to the lightest pastels, there are really cool leather jackets for spring and fall. While this may not be that suitable for everyday-wear, you can choose to wear it for special days or with special outfits.