Each season professional hair colorists offer new and more creative hair color ideas. Of course, the first experiments are held on the bravest women. Celebrities are also among those adventurous women that are not afraid of edgy and extravagant changes. After several experiments common stylish women fall in love with new trends. Check out the trendiest hair color ideas to try this season.

Softly Contrasting Roots

Once Selena Gomez appeared with a new hair color everyone wanted that awesome trend. This ravishing brunette has decided to become a fancy blonde-haired lady who still loves her natural shade. Her smart hair colorist has created a soft and subtle contrast between dark roots and light blonde shade. As a result, she has achieved a totally new, fresh and fashionable hair color. It looks beautiful even in messy hairdos. Today many brunettes are  inspired just from this look.

Beige Blonde Hair Color

Among the most sophisticated shades of blonde, beige blonde is considered as a natural-looking tone. It looks fantastic with fair skin and light eyes. Those seeking for a light softness can take an example from Nicole Kidman. She knows how to play with light blonde shades to look so youthful and feminine.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Hair Color

After the big triumph of sombre and balayage hair colors we see something new and fresher. It’s the combination of the peanut butter and jelly. This is for clients who want to keep the result natural-looking and sparkling. This two-tone hair color is ideally achieved on naturally dark hair. It’s all about golden blonde and purple highlights all over brunette locks that resemble a combo of peanut butter and jelly.

Two-Tone Bronde (Blonde-Brunette Mixture)

While bronde is a single-tone hair color resembling the pure mixture of blonde and brunette, the two-tone bronde is the equal separation of both shades. You can become brunette and a blonde at the same time with this hair color trend. Just try to find the best shade of blonde or brunette and combine it with your natural tone. Go for chunky highlights keeping the roots the way they are. The result is amazing especially on layered haircuts.

Violet Hair Color

Special for those looking for an extravagant and eye-catching hair color for 2018, there is the vibrant violet hair color. If you are tired of all the traditional shades, then purple is your cup of coffee. It’s a unique and attractive hair color that goes well both with dark and light complexions. Such a deep bluish-purple doesn’t require bleaching and is perfect for brunettes and brown-haired women.

Face Framing Highlights

Highlights added only on the bangs and face framing layers are all the rage these days. This trick works well particularly when you need a little change in your hair color and hairstyle. Try to focus on two or three tones lighter shades than your natural hue. Brunettes can opt for golden brown, reddish brown or caramel highlights, while blondes are welcome to opt for golden blonde, yellowish blonde or even pastel highlights for a cooler look.