Unlike men, women wear socks according to season and weather. It’s just a cozy pair of items that keeps feet warm enough in cold weather. However, lately socks have become big trends and many use them as style statement accessories and not just warm clothing. Today we’ll see how to wear socks in trendy ways and how to stand out in the crowd with fancy looks. Keep in mind that the art of wearing stylish socks comes from old times and has a retro touch in it, which makes it more interesting.

Striped Socks with Denim

If you decide wearing socks with denim then make your choice between striped socks. They are classic and elegant socks that look well-balanced with denim. You can go either for light or bright color combinations. Rock them either with short denim at the tips or warp the tips so that your socks could be visible enough. This sporty style works well with sneakers, cowboy boots and comfy autumn/spring boots.

Sheer Dress with Socks

Sheer dresses are the most ravishing and exquisite dresses out there. They make your looks more feminine and attractive. If you want to add more charm and beauty to your festive looks with sheer dress then combine them with subtle sheer socks. You can rock tender high heels that will harmoniously go both with your dress and socks. This ethereal look is easy to achieve for any special event.

Midi Skirt with Socks

The popular grandma style is actually achieved with the help of midi skirts and socks. This combination is unique and eye-catching. You create cute and lovely looks with the best combos. While this idea is not for short girls, it ideally compliments tall women who want to take away some height visually. Socks and midi skirts show less body and therefore they take away the attention from your height even if you wear high heels.

Socks and Sandals

Whether high or low, sandals are our favorite pair of shoes for spring and summer. When we want to stay comfortable we can wear them with trendy socks. This matching are ideal both for spring and summer. There are many lavishing and cute versions to use in your stylish look.

Knee-Length Socks with Dresses/Skirts

One of the boldest and most eye-catching looks you can create with dresses and skirts is keeping them short and wearing knee-length socks. Usually women choose creative lace socks with interesting images, prints and colors but many like to opt for monochrome socks in order to bring more attention to their legs and body. There are cases when smart women use this idea to create an illusion of rocking knee-length boots. In fact, they wear simple high-heels with knee-length socks of the same color and the desired result is ready.

Silk and Tulle Socks for Prom

Thinking of a unique prom look? Match your festive outfit with the most exquisite socks. Silk and tulle socks are the most feminine, attractive, beautiful and romantic socks to match with prom outfits. They make any pair of shoes more beautiful and feminine. You can opt for this idea when you are bored and when you want to surprise everyone around you with your interesting dressing solutions.