Instagram has turned into one of the most powerful and wide-reaching online platforms and more and more people are using it not only for social purposes, but also for business. Modelling agencies have also been using IG to scout for potential talents and models. Brands are in on the action too, as most of them are now using the app to look for online influencers who can help them send out their brand messages.

However, online models are not scouted by accident. If you want to be in this business, you have to work for it. Here are some tips that you may use to get notices by the right audience and to use your Instagram profile to get booked for gigs.


Do your research and find the official hashtags of the most popular agencies in the business. After this, you should find your best photo and post it online using the right tags. If you are lucky, agency scouts will see your posts and become interested in working with you.

Make sure that you have other photos in your account as well, preferably ones that will show your features in different angles. To maximize your opportunities, also post snaps that will show off your personality and style.


While a big online following comes with certain responsibilities, it will also give you a better chance to be noticed by brands and be signed as an online ambassador. Do not be afraid to use your social media influence as an advantage. After all, brands are more willing to work with individuals who already have a following online, as opposed to those who are only starting to build their audience.


Most aspiring models are usually under the impression that having the right kind of body is the end all and be all of modeling. Because of this, they usually end up posting and sharing photos that are too risqué and sexy.

Keep in mind that agencies and brands will want to work for you because of your social appeal, not merely the physical one. Having said this, if there is anything that you should show off in your Instagram feed, it is your outgoing and quirky personality; not more private parts of your body.


Opportunities come to those who work hard for it. This is true in the corporate world and in the online world, as well. For this reason, you should do so much more than to wait for scouts to find you. If you are going to be a successful online influencer, you have to go out of your way and get noticed.

To do this, burst out of your shell and interact with possible business partners. Comment on brand posts and DM modeling agencies! Talk to your followers and, if you wish to, follow them back. Building relationships online will help you create opportunities that will not come knocking on your door otherwise.