Creating your own Instagram account is your first step towards being an online influencer and brand ambassador. With that taken care of, you now need to focus your attention towards planning and posting the right kinds of content that will get you more followers and likes.

When it comes to interacting with people online, certain kinds of content are able to draw favorable reactions from the discerning online audience. If you want to enjoy a better engagement rate for your own IG profile, check out the following tips and use them as you please!


When it comes to following personalities online, the audience is more likely to hit the Follow button for people who are very transparent with their lives. Honesty draws people in and sharing even the most mundane tidbits about your everyday life will make you look approachable and relatable.

To improve your engagement rate, start posting photos that will help your followers get to know you better. Use your posts to tell them about your quirks, and you will surely win their hearts – and their likes!


There is nothing more inspiring than someone who has a lot of passion and hobbies. One great way to boost your online brand and to relate to your audience is to post content that will share the things that you yourself find exciting.

Whether it is reading a book, watching your favorite show, or volunteering, your followers would be tickled pink by the fact that you have the same likes and dislikes. So, do not be afraid to share a little bit of yourself by posting about the things that you find interesting!


People from all over the world will follow you for one reason: they want to get to know you through your Instagram posts! For this reason, you have to make sure that you project an image that will be true to who you are, without messing up your personal brand, of course!

Do not be afraid to be goofy and candid, especially if you are really a fun-hearted individual when you are among your friends. Being an authentic personality will help you be relatable to your target audience and will surely boost the likes and comments that you will receive on your posts.


Everybody loves receiving gifts and prizes, especially if it will be coming from an online ambassador who they like and admire. Once you begin working with brands and businesses, you can hit two birds with one stone and grow your followers as you help advertise their products and services. You can do this simply by hosting regular online giveaways and contents!

As long as you will be giving away crave-worthy gifts, your engagement will surely be off the roof! Just make sure that you require your followers to repost and tag your IG profile for better monitoring and better online traction.