Angelica Jimenez is 22-year-old American, who now lives in Los Angeles, California, is an actress and model, with more than 11k Instagram followers. She’s a global star, as popular in Europe as she is in the U.S. She is originally from Tucson, Arizona. She is very outgoing, love meeting new people and experiencing new things!

True actress and models are known for their fashion knowledge and dedication to make things happen, and Angelica Jimenez does not fall short in this category. This Los Angeles-based beautifully model puts her creative mind into action on her pursuit to success. She really is out to make things happen, be it with her modeling career.

One look at Angelica is slim, sexy and hot model. You’d have to dig deeper, though, to find out that she is really a beauty queen. She is tall (height of 5’7’’) and slim. Her eyes are deep black. She is into fitness and health. As well as fashion! Angelica Jimenez takes pride in everything that she does and strives to be the best at what comes her way! She is very motivated to be the best. She can be and she will continue to do so until she succeeds!

“Bad girls aren’t good and the good girl’s aim’s no fun” – Angelica Jimenez

Angelica Jimenez favorite cosmetics or products brands are Mac, Anastasia Beverly Hills and favorite clothing brands are Guess, Pink etc. She also loves animals. Her favorite photographer is Kevin Mathison. Kevin have taken lots of photos of her. Most of the photographs are stunning.

Angelica Jimenez likes to constantly switch up her style, becoming different characters that range from Modern baby doll to punk and grunge, to vintage Victorian. Makeup plays a huge part in how Angelica tackles the characters she models as.

Angelica Jimenez maintains a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain her hot slim stunning body. She maintains her 115-pound weight by going to the gym, taking part in different fitness activities, and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. This makes her an ideal candidate for brands that fall under the lifestyle, fitness, and active health categories.

For more information, head over to her Instagram @angelicavictoriaa  and IGMS profile.