Spring is the most sophisticated and suitable season for updates and refreshments.  It’s the best time to choose for big skincare, makeup and dressing changes. Today we’ll discover how to update your wardrobe for spring 2018. These tips will help you make the right choice of shades, dressing ideas and trendy outfits for 2018. Keep your eyes on some of the best solutions to look stylish no matter what.

Trendy Shades 2018

Every season the well-known Pantone Color Institute unveils the trendiest shades of the year or the upcoming season to give us fresher and fancier ideas on how to deal with modern hues. Of course, our lovely spring palette doesn’t go major changes but some hues become dominant. Thus PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report is the easiest accessible guide to the most required color trends. Major fashion houses have already completed their collections with the latest trendy colors. What about your wardrobe?  Here is the list of the color trends for 2018: Meadowlark (bright yellow), Cherry Tomato (orangey red), Little Boy Blue (azure blue), Chili Oil (brown based red), Pink Lavender (soft and romantic violet rose), Blooming Dahlia (subtle rose), Arcadia (cooler, cleaner take on green that with its tinge of blue undertone), Ultra Violet (complex purple), Emperador (rich chocolate), Almost Mauve (gentle petal like touch), Spring Crocus (fuchsia shade), Lime Punch (lemony striking citrus), Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist (mid-tone dove gray), Coconut Milk. Choose the hues that ideally go with your spring mood and taste.

Spring 2018 Accessory Trends 

Now, let’s pass on to the accessories. While, they seem to be insignificant items, they still play a great role in fashion. Accessories have the power to change your entire look making it more eye-catching, fashionable and interesting. Moreover, the right chosen accessories tell a lot about your mood, taste and even character. If you want to stand out in the crowd with your posh look, then you should update your accessories (sunglasses, bags, headpieces, jewelry, watches, scarves etc.) for every season. So, what’s trendy in spring 2018? The best accessory trends according to Vogue are as follows: tiny sunglasses, transparent shoes and bags, hats for any occasion, bags with geometric forms, low-heeled boots for more convenient walks, classic pump heels, opera-length gloves, wilder sneakers, glitzy, shiny chandeliers/statement earrings, baroque inspired jewelry, retro anklets, golden pieces, Victorian era pearls, fishnet ankle socks, belted dresses, bow-tie scarf + necklace combo and flowing breezy scarves.


Finally, there is something exiting for real fashionistas. Each season professional makeup artists come with new makeup ideas and we are always offered something new to amuse the crowd. So, the major runway makeup moments for spring 2018 are both fascinating and amazing. They represent glittery black eyeliner, white liquid eyeliner, yellow-gold highlighter swept across the cheekbones and applied on the inner corner of each eye, smudgy brown liner applied all around the eyes, subtle mix of teal and green eyeliner, sparkly highlighter, peachy liquid blush across cheekbones, glowing lip balm, unusual eyeliner such as half-baked graphic cat-eye, golden highlighter, crystals matched with skin tones, pink eye makeup and smudgy liner and mascara. You can combine all of these with the above represented hues of outfits and accessories.